White Chair redo

 Hi Everyone
Happy Wednesday
Amazing what a little white  can do  
I found a  beat up chair that had great bones but needed a little attention
 the owners were giving it away for 
{probably due to the dated avocado green material }
sorry no before pic's my Husband started tearing it apart before I could grab the camera

We decided to try to bring it back to Life and give it a good Home

We recovered it with a white matelasse bedspread
 the bedspread was $20 dollars at the same sale

I wanted the chair to be
clean lined with a box pleat and a slightly scalloped edge

The  White matelasse double woven cotton bedspread has a 
beautiful  pattern and a durability that will last for years

the turned wood legs
This chair is similar from Wisteria it runs $399.00


Simple changes that turned out better than I imagined
{I hid the staples}

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romantic saying for today
"I want you no more than a heartbeat away"



White Kitchen clean

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday
 a clean kitchen
 Kitchens can get what I like to call 
clogged up

 Not "in the sink" clogged up
 but clogged up with too much stuff
Stuff on the counter tops appliances everywhere 

 Taking inventory 
of the stuff on the counters and deciding what really is necessary
 helps to unclog 
Sometimes just putting something in a different spot or adding flowers
{always my first solution LOL}
can lighten up the kitchen
~Less is more ~
So I am taking stock looking around to see what I can put away or eliminate and what can be moved to a cabinet or drawer
 The blender and the mixer went into a cabinet 
and the kitchen feels a little lighter already
It is still a work in progress but we are going in the right direction
Grateful today for storage space
 and a clean kitchen
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romantic saying for today
"You changed my world with just one kiss"



Decorating a girls room

Hi Everyone
 Happy Saturday

Here are a few pictures of our
 daughters bedroom

As you can see
she {Loves} pink

Her room is filled with color and yet very serene and grown up

 We added  bead board and molding
 painted it  white she added the pink curtains
And color coordinated her surf board
Her room is just like her beautiful, unique
beachy and filled with
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romantic saying for today
"To be lovely be lovable"



Fabulous Ferns

Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
We have 5 ferns in our Home 
their lacy look and the beautiful green color
 Did you know that having plants 
in your home is good for you
Plants produce oxygen
and they also help to rid a room of chemicals
 and add humidity too

We have two ferns in the dining room 
 one in the entry to the house 
and two in the living room

A happy fern is watered and trimmed once a week
I call it a fern haircut

Go Fern green

This morning I took the ferns outside for their weekly watering 
and when I grabbed the last fern from the top of the hutch
I looked down to see something funny on the tile in the living room

A baby frog had taken up residence in the fern
Imagine my surprise
{wish I had a video it was hilarious}
grateful the camera was nearby

He was not very happy to go back outside
 but with some coaxing he finally made it out safely
I can only guess he jumped into the fern when we watered it outside last week?

A beautiful fern is
  a great way to add beauty and health to your home
romantic saying for today
"Love makes all things possible"



Vintage Enamelware

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
Sometimes it is the simple things that can change the coarse of a day
 like these beautiful organic strawberries

Melt in your mouth and smelling so fresh and yummy
it was difficult not to eat the entire bunch  in the car while driving home 
We have a certified organic farm down the street from our home called
It is wonderful

My plan was to make a delicious dessert with the strawberries
but my husband came home and while we were standing in the kitchen talking 
we each grabbed a few berries from the enamelware colander
Then our son and his friends came home from baseball practice
 and they had a few strawberries from the colander
You can probably guess what happened

We ate all the strawberries
 Just the way God made them fresh from the vine and perfect
 We did not miss the sugar, flour, salt or vanilla one bit 
they were the best treat as is
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romantic saying for today
"Love is a fruit in season at all times and available to all"

Mother Teresa



TV in the kitchen

Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday
Do you have a television in your kitchen?
 New kitchen designs today  include a place for a television 
some even  treating the TV as another kitchen appliance
This kitchen from
 is a perfect example of this new trend
This is a little over the top for me

Many people don't even think of putting a TV in their kitchens
I was one of those people
 We do not watch much TV so 
having a TV was not even part of our original design 
But  when I found this
small silver television I knew it would work great in the kitchen and now
I have to admit I have become a fan
 watching cooking shows while I cook  pretending 
that I can cook as good as Paula or Giada 
 and hoping that somehow magically
 I will be able to put together some of the amazing food that they prepare
We do not have the TV on when we eat dinner together 
 but it is nice to have the TV in the kitchen for 
Superbowl and World Series parties
  Oscar parties too
If you do decide to add a TV in your kitchen here are a few tips

I highly recommend not making the TV the main focus in your kitchen
  Try to hang the TV at eye level for the person cooking
Shop for a Television that is not black
{wish someone would make a TV that can match the color of the walls in a room}
 Do you have a TV in your Kitchen too?
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romantic saying for today
"I long to call you mine"



Purple Pansies

Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday
Planting purple pansies in our front yard 
is a tradition this time of year
The weather is still cool enough for the pansies to thrive
until the midsummer when the sun will be too hot for them 
 Pansies come in so many different color combinations 
but the purple" johnny jump ups" are my favorites
Did you know that pansies are often called the flowers with a face

that little touch of yellow 
and white 
Pansies are edible and have a mild wintergreen flavor
it is always fun to add a few to a 
 simple garden salad

Here are the purple pansies
 that we planted last year
they almost had a hint of blue to them 
The blue and yellow pansies are the most fragrant

Last year I went to the nursery late in the season 
and the selection was not very good
 I learned my lesson
and asked the nursery to let me know when the pansies were delivered this year
How fun to have such amazing beauty to choose from

 Grateful for the beauty that surrounds us
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romantic saying for today
"Her Love was the light that shined in the darkness to light my way"



Decorating with Shells

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Saturday
 to decorate with shells
  Treasures from  the sea
Such simple beauty

Glass jars filled with found treasures
Some are from the shores of Beaches across the globe
California, Kauai, Martha' s Vineyard , Paradise Island,
just to name a few

Shells are a great way to remember 
   walking hand and hand  toes in the sand
on the beach 
Feeling the warmth of the sun
 swimming in the warm water, watching beautiful sunsets 
Yesterday my handsome husband and I
 walked hand and hand on the beach 
 and added to our collection of beach shells
and memories
Have nothing in your home that you do not believe to be beautiful, useful or worth a smile!!!!

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romantic saying for today
“Once I had her hand, I never wanted to let go of her.”
Otillie Weber



Vintage shopping trip

Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
This Sunday is the Long Beach antique market 
aka swap meet
 If you have never been it is worth the trip 
 not as large as the Rose Bowl in Pasadena
{it is huge}
 but it is filled with amazing vintage treasures
I am a frugal girl on a budget so I look for
 great bargains as well as great treasures like this white  polka dot vase
that I bought for 5 dollars and still adore
  I always look for  
~White Ironstone~
Looking for vintage treasures for clients, my online shop and photo shoots
 is so fun!!
Many of you don't know that it was my handsome husband who introduced me to flea markets and swap meets
 He asked me to go to the swap meet on one of our first dates 
I had NO idea what it was or what to wear 
so of coarse I wore a pretty dress and high heel shoes 
full on makeup
(he loves this story} 
I was in
with swap meets and flea markets
My handsome Husband
he has a great eye for treasures
we look forward to shopping together
I am one lucky grateful girl
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romantic saying for today
"There are never enough I Love You's"
Lenny Bruce