Purple Pansies

Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday
Planting purple pansies in our front yard 
is a tradition this time of year
The weather is still cool enough for the pansies to thrive
until the midsummer when the sun will be too hot for them 
 Pansies come in so many different color combinations 
but the purple" johnny jump ups" are my favorites
Did you know that pansies are often called the flowers with a face

that little touch of yellow 
and white 
Pansies are edible and have a mild wintergreen flavor
it is always fun to add a few to a 
 simple garden salad

Here are the purple pansies
 that we planted last year
they almost had a hint of blue to them 
The blue and yellow pansies are the most fragrant

Last year I went to the nursery late in the season 
and the selection was not very good
 I learned my lesson
and asked the nursery to let me know when the pansies were delivered this year
How fun to have such amazing beauty to choose from

 Grateful for the beauty that surrounds us
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romantic saying for today
"Her Love was the light that shined in the darkness to light my way"



  1. TCU PURPLE!!!! ;)

    pretty pansies and tool box

  2. Such friendly little flowers are pansies. In South Africa one of our official languages is Afrikaans and their name for pansies is "gesiggies" which translated means "little faces"! from Pat in SA

  3. Pam...the pansies are darling and thanks for the tid bits of info. I didn't know much about the sweet little flower. Lovely.

  4. They are so pretty, Pam! They look great in your urn and I love them in the wood box.

  5. Jealous of your weather and love that pink wood box!

  6. Lucky you to be able to plant pansies in February! They are so pretty. Those dainty purple ones are my favorite too.
    Mary Alice

  7. Lovin that pink tool box.Pansy's are so pretty.Oh how I wish we could plant here.Too early yet.Three more months to go.

  8. You and I are on the same wavelength, Pam. I planted purple pansies and violas on Friday. LOVE the pink planter! I will probably post photos in a day or so...it has been too cloudy over the weekend to take any good photos!


  9. Wow gorgeous! I'm so in the mood to plant flowers I can't stand it. But it has been too cold to venture outside!

  10. Lovely pansies and vignette! Thanks for sharing at Potpourri Friday! I am following you via Linky and hope you will too!

  11. We have purple pansies growing in the garden. Aren't they just the happiest flowers?

  12. I love them, too. Here in the mountains of southern CA, I plant them in the Fall. Even if we get a snow, they pop out their heads and keep on "smiling."


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