Decorating with Shells

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Saturday
 to decorate with shells
  Treasures from  the sea
Such simple beauty

Glass jars filled with found treasures
Some are from the shores of Beaches across the globe
California, Kauai, Martha' s Vineyard , Paradise Island,
just to name a few

Shells are a great way to remember 
   walking hand and hand  toes in the sand
on the beach 
Feeling the warmth of the sun
 swimming in the warm water, watching beautiful sunsets 
Yesterday my handsome husband and I
 walked hand and hand on the beach 
 and added to our collection of beach shells
and memories
Have nothing in your home that you do not believe to be beautiful, useful or worth a smile!!!!

 linking for Pink Saturday

romantic saying for today
“Once I had her hand, I never wanted to let go of her.”
Otillie Weber



  1. i found a shell in my purse today!!
    lovelovelove the quote

  2. I like the way you are using sea shells. I never thought of that idea.

  3. these shells are really pretty, thanks for sharing, you've given me some ideas on what to do with my sea shells! Happy Pink Saturday <3

  4. I do this also. Living in in the texas panhandle I am far away from any beach so I enjoy my treasure jars and memories. Your blog is so pretty I love to read it

  5. Pam, We no longer live close to the beach but I still like to decorate with seashells. They look great in the apothecary jars. Hugs, Sherry

  6. Hi Pam - I agree with you and I do like also shells, remembering me wonderful walkings on the beach, every where in the world!
    One time I was so lucky to find a very big one on the carribean sea in St. Martin. It was many years ago, and since than this shell is decorating our bathroom!
    I love each sort of shells and snails and stones from anywhere!
    Enjoy sunday!!! Hugs, Barbara

  7. I love seashells, and I love the shades of pink and peach inside them. It has been a couple of years since I walked on the beach. Was it warm during your walk? I think the large shellsnon the shelf are pretty, Pam


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