Coronado Remodel before and after

Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday

I am so thrilled to 
share with you 
 before and after pictures 
 of the Cornado beach house remodel 
This was 
such a fun project and a priveledge to work on

As you can see the living room before was dated 
the stone fireplace did not have a mantel
there was only one opening through the dining room into the kitchen
there was peach carpet through out the house
the stairway leading to the upstairs bedroom was a closed in tunnel
the ceiling was very low 

Here is the living room after picture
so much has changed
removing the wall on the left  and providing
 access to the kitchen opened up the entire house

Removing the old stone on the fireplace and creating 
a mantel as well as interest with  brick and mill work molding 
created a wonderful focal point for the room

opening up the stairway also helped to add interest
 and light to the room as well as eliminating the closed in tunnel effect
raising the ceilings allowed for a more 
expansive feeling to the room

The carpet was removed throughout the entire house
and tile was installed 
The  Ragno tile looks so much like wood 
it fools everyone 
 tile is such a marvelous product to use near the beach or a pool

The front entry now has a welcoming white dutch door and
my favorite nautical navy blue and white anchor door mat which
sets the tone for the rest of the house

I can't wait to share more pictures with you of the kitchen, bedrooms and front porch
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"Your Love comforts like sunshine after rain"



Vintage Style Magazine

Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday

Don't you just {Love} a great Flea Market
it is even more fun to go Flea Market  shopping with friends who are
 beautiful talented and  FUN !!!
I was so blessed to get the chance to visit the Santa Monica Airport flea market with stylist
Sunday Hendrickson
this is a pic from our adventure 
as you can see we found some amazing treasures
and had lot's of FUN too

Our adventure was published in the
 Spring 2015 issue of
Vintage Style Magazine
go shopping with the designers

We were blessed with a beautiful day in Santa Monica 

 Even though the flea market is small compared to the Rose Bowl
or the Long Beach flea markets Santa Monica Airport flea market
is always packed with great vendors and fabulous vintage finds
Designer Kathryn Ireland bought a fun tin sign about wine

It is fun shopping for clients and helping them
to see how fun and affordable
designing with vintage can be

Thank You to Sunday Hendrickson and Vintage Style magazine
be sure and get your copy of the Spring issue and let me know what treasures you would have come home with
next post I will show you what I bought

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Coronado Update

Hi Everyone
Happy Tuesday

It has been such a fun Summer 
filled with 
decisions to make at the Coronado house

some of my inspirations 

Do you like the  fancy shingles
 above the balcony

{Love} the brick around the pool so classic
{and the  lounge chairs too}

Love white subway tiles
Here are the
subway tiles  finally going
 up in the kitchen

The counter tops are carrera marble
and  the wolf range gets to be center stage
do you see the metal brackets 
 for the shelves
there are three on each side going up the entire wall

You can follow my inspiration board
on Pinterest
 for more remodel ideas

I have received so many emails
about the tile floors
they look so much like wood that they have fooled 
everyone who has entered the house
even the camera guys
The color is  called  Cambridge Oak- Brown 
made by Ragno

 can't wait to show you how this house comes to life 
with paint on the walls
 and furniture inside  !!!

Its  getting very exciting!

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 is  I can kiss you anytime I want"

Sweet Home Alabama



Coronado Garage sale

Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday 
It has been a busy
 fun filled power packed summer already
so much to share with all of you 
As you can see there have been a few changes here at 
White Ironstone Cottage
You will not believe where we found this amazing vintage 
zinc top table
that now sits in our dining room
We were recently invited to a preview dinner at the new
 Bluewater Boathouse in Coronado
 the restaurant is right across the street from the famous
 Hotel Del Coronado
it is a beautiful red roof building that sits right on the water
 and used to be the old Chart house restaurant years ago
Handsome husband worked at that Chart house for many years
{we had our first kiss on the top of the look out tower}
The  new owners of the Bluewater Boathouse did an extensive and beautiful remodel
 and decided to have a garage sale to let go of some of the old furniture 
There were chart house map tables for sale as well as wood captains chairs for 10 dollars
 white restaurant dishware a dollar each piece
so many amazing treasures and bargains

Here is Jimmy one of the new owners 
with a vintage lavabo
{great for plants}
 my eye kept going to this white zinc top table 

Grateful the table fit here in our dining room 
the way the zinc top enhances the gray paint on the walls

You never know what you 
will find at a garage sale
this beautiful treasure we all cherish
 it is filled with wonderful memories old and new
Hope you have been having fun this summer too

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joining in the fun for Feathered Nest Friday

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"It all began with a kiss"



Baked Apple Recipe

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
This year we have
the best crop of apples we have ever had
Not only do we have a very large crop 
 the apples are already amazingly ripe, sweet and delicious
This is probably due to the unusually warm weather we have had in
April and May
here in Southern California

The apples are green at first and than turn red
 they are called Pink Lady and are such a wonderful healthy treat

The pink flowers on the tree are pretty too and they smell
like heaven

 Because we have such an amazing bumper crop this year 
we have been
trying to give the apples away
 making all sorts of  apple recipes
 from apple crisp, apple butter to the best dish of all 
my grandmothers recipe for baked apples
this recipe is so easy to make and tastes so delicious 
the baked apples are just like a mini apple pie

Grandmothers Baked Apples

To 4 washed and cored apples
brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg ,oatmeal and butter
 mix together to taste and place in the cored apples
place the apples in a glass baking dish and lightly pour apple juice puree over the apples
cover the apples with foil
bake at 375 for
 20 minutes remove foil and add a little butter to the top of the apples
to add more fat and calories
 and bake for 25 more minutes uncovered
 because this is was my grandmothers recipe
 she did not leave us amounts for the sugar etc so everything is to taste


the smell of the apples cooking in the oven will cause
your neighbors to drop by unexpectedly
the mailman will ring your door bell to drop your mail off
the paper boy will  personally  hand deliver your paper
and distant relatives will fly across country
to stay at your home
your children will even offer to do the dishes
{all have actually happened}

I hope you will try this recipe and
Grandmothers baked apples as much as we do

romantic saying for today

"Your the best part of my day, my week, my month,
 my year , my always and  forever"




Blessed to be a Mom

Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday 
It is such a blessing and so much
 FUN to be a Mom
everything about it
and very grateful everyday 
for such a wonderful handsome husband
 and amazing children

This card says it all
it goes like this
little one yells
{while you are in the bathroom}
 knocking on the door
you answer 
trying to have the calmest voice possible
 while you are thinking
 the house is on fire or someone is running with scissors
or cutting the curtains or even worse cutting someones hair

yes sweetheart
and you hear 

I Love you

you answer
I Love you.... more

This always makes me smile
because it is so true
Has this happened to you too?

Thrilled we made it back home from Kauai for
 Mothers day 
best gift ever is being all together
with the ones that you Love

 Life is filled with magic moments 
I hope you all had a blessed  Mother's day filled with moments
 that will be etched in your heart forever

romantic saying for today

"I Loved you yesterday, I love you still,
 I always have and I always will"



Hawaii House

Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
We are on the beautiful
 Island of Kauai
 on the North shore in Princeville
 grateful to be
 involved in the remodel of a
 home here
Exterior and Interior changes are extensive but
 there is one thing that will not change and that is this amazing view
I took the picture above from the living room /great
 room that includes a large kitchen
and dining room
the existing home has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms
  The remodel will include adding another
 bedroom and bath as well as changes to the kitchen
I will be traveling to the Island once a month for the next few months
 working closely with the architect  to assist in the initial design changes
 and the interior design
I will have my camera
it will be fun to show you all
the changes to the house

Kauai is gorgeous just look at how
clean, clear and beautiful the ocean is
the best part is how warm the water is
 today it was 75 degrees
The Island is a feast for the eyes  there is so much natural beauty
The picture below is of Hanalei bay pier
just as the sun was setting
{such a beautiful view}

If you follow
 White Ironstone Cottage 
 on Instagram
you may have already seen one of these pictures

I will be posting here so you all can enjoy the transformation of this home
 and the beauty of the Island
I hope you will follow along on Instagram  too
{ daily pic's}

The picture above from
White Ironstone Cottage
Hawaii House
Pinterest Board
{to see the board click here}
is the inspiration for the interior design
as you can see the colors are bright and cheerful
 perfect for a happy Island beach home

The use of colors here are reflective of the colors
 of nature outside the home
   bringing those same colors into the house tans, greens and yellows, white

adds warmth to the rooms and also adds to the indoor outdoor lifestyle

If you were designing a beach home
 what colors would you choose

romantic saying for today
 "I see the beauty of this world when I look in your eyes"



Love White

Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
Do you 
to decorate with white
it is my go to color 
for everything
So excited to share with you another
board Friday

White is a great background neutral to design with
 most of my clients are afraid of white but 
once they see the end result they always 
 how clean and peaceful white is in a room
the best part is you can always add  color with fun accessories

The colors in this bathroom are very elegant
The Carrera marble penny floor tiles with its blend of gray and white adds 
color and blends well with the Carrera marble surround on the tub and 
matching counter tops Because of the white background you eye sees the
 silver trash container and accessories as well as the amazing
vintage pine bench and pine frames 
all of these elements add to a calm and elegant bathroom design

A white kitchen is classic
to add
vintage sterling silver for a pretty punch of color
and vintage light fixtures  too

So elegant

Another way to add white to a room is to slipcover 
your heirloom furniture with white slip covers
 This gorgeous blanket was embroidered with a pretty A monogram initial
 and then used as a slip cover for a vintage chair
 the little ruffle edge detail
{would you paint the floors white too}

This beautiful white backyard patio is filled with beauty
don't be afraid to decorate with white outside too
all of the details the fireplace and built in bbq
and all of the gorgeous flowers

These beautiful white iceberg roses are planted all over
our yard
they are always blooming and add
so much beauty to our home
To see more white inspiration be sure and visit
White Ironstone Cottage
white Pinterest board

Do you have a favorite color choice for your home

romantic saying for today

"The highest art is the art of Loving"