Vintage shopping trip

Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
This Sunday is the Long Beach antique market 
aka swap meet
 If you have never been it is worth the trip 
 not as large as the Rose Bowl in Pasadena
{it is huge}
 but it is filled with amazing vintage treasures
I am a frugal girl on a budget so I look for
 great bargains as well as great treasures like this white  polka dot vase
that I bought for 5 dollars and still adore
  I always look for  
~White Ironstone~
Looking for vintage treasures for clients, my online shop and photo shoots
 is so fun!!
Many of you don't know that it was my handsome husband who introduced me to flea markets and swap meets
 He asked me to go to the swap meet on one of our first dates 
I had NO idea what it was or what to wear 
so of coarse I wore a pretty dress and high heel shoes 
full on makeup
(he loves this story} 
I was in
with swap meets and flea markets
My handsome Husband
he has a great eye for treasures
we look forward to shopping together
I am one lucky grateful girl
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romantic saying for today
"There are never enough I Love You's"
Lenny Bruce



  1. :D That adorable polka dot vase looks like you, Pam! What a great find.


  2. What a cute little story, Pam...I think I would've done the same thing! I love the polka dot pitcher! The flowers...any flowers, look great in it!


  3. I adore that white polka dot vase--what a deal!

  4. Hi Pam,
    Love your pretty vase and the ironstone. Sweet story too about you and your husband. I bet you don't wear those cute high heels to the swaps anymore! LOL!


  5. The polka dot vase is a real treasure and at that price too! Gzreat find and super cute.

  6. What a sweet story. :) I wish I lived closer to some flea markets. :( Love the little vase and pitcher. :)

  7. That sounds like tons of fun. The coin dot vase was a steal! :)

  8. First time visiting "Beautiful" I'm new to blogging and I invite you to drop by my blog for a visit...Blessings Lori

  9. Love your finds and your story even more!
    Jim and I have been together since we were 15 and going to flea markets was always one of my favorite dates!

  10. Have a great time.I have not been to a flea market in years.I am thinking of going to one in our area soon.I just linked up to your linky follower.


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