White Kitchen clean

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday
 a clean kitchen
 Kitchens can get what I like to call 
clogged up

 Not "in the sink" clogged up
 but clogged up with too much stuff
Stuff on the counter tops appliances everywhere 

 Taking inventory 
of the stuff on the counters and deciding what really is necessary
 helps to unclog 
Sometimes just putting something in a different spot or adding flowers
{always my first solution LOL}
can lighten up the kitchen
~Less is more ~
So I am taking stock looking around to see what I can put away or eliminate and what can be moved to a cabinet or drawer
 The blender and the mixer went into a cabinet 
and the kitchen feels a little lighter already
It is still a work in progress but we are going in the right direction
Grateful today for storage space
 and a clean kitchen
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romantic saying for today
"You changed my world with just one kiss"



  1. Ahhh, I love your white kitchen. Besides my Kitchen Aid mixer and coffee maker I have my small appliances stored also. I love the less is more approach also. :)

  2. What you look at can make a big difference. I get agitated if there's too much stuff around. You obviously did a beautiful job! I love seeing your bright white kitchen.

  3. Your kitchen is gorgeous...I would never be able to keep the white so sparkling clean! I agree about things on the counter..we just have the coffee pot and cannisters, that is it.

  4. I hate cluttery countertops too! Looks great, white and sparkling fresh...

    I hope you'll come link this up at my linky party tonight. Link up once, appear on 4 blogs!


  5. You have a bright and beautiful kitchen with lots of room.

  6. I love your kitchen Pam, it's so pretty. Love all the white and the way you have everything displayed so wonderfully.


  7. I need to do some of that myself.I am busy with too many things right now.

  8. I am in the exact same mood as you - I need to eliminate clutter!! It's really bringing me down. I want to repaint everything too... Love your kitchen!

  9. I just love your white kitchen. I, too, need to look around and eliminate some clutter. Repainting is what I really want to do! Your flowers in the "salt" container look so fresh and clean and spring-y!


  10. LUV LUV LUV your kitchen, Pam! All the white just makes my heart sing! :)

    xoxo laurie

  11. white white white
    love love love

  12. I told you already at once, your kitchen is such a DREAM! You must really enjoy staying and cooking and baking in it! Hugs, Barbara

  13. I'm always impressed by all the light I see in your country.
    I'd like to be there... =)
    Your kitchen is bright and beautiful

  14. I have been accused of having too much clutter but I love it. Maybe I will put away something today but it will be a hard choice

  15. I just love your glass-front cabinet! Your kitchen looks light and bright and the flowers do always help!

  16. Love your white kitchen Pam, light and airy and the pop of colour with flowers is just beautiful ~

  17. I love your blog! I found you through Faded Charms feature. Just started following on both linky and blogger.
    xoxo Faye


  18. I LOVE your kitchen...how it's so bright and open. I recently cleaned everything off my counters and feel so much better. I just need one cutting board, the coffee pot and of course, flowers!

    btw, I really LOVE that salt crock hanging with the flowers. I have looked forever for one that is plain like that. There's not one to be found here in NE!

    Hope all is well! Happy Spring. :)

  19. First time visitor - love your kitchen! It is SO cheerful and lovely!

    Can't wait to read more of your blog!

    Have a wonderful day!

  20. your kitchen looks so fresh it inspires one to do the same.

  21. I have always loved your kitchen! It's really beautiful and am trying to declutter myself a little lately! take care, Maryann


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