Fabulous Ferns

Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
We have 5 ferns in our Home 
their lacy look and the beautiful green color
 Did you know that having plants 
in your home is good for you
Plants produce oxygen
and they also help to rid a room of chemicals
 and add humidity too

We have two ferns in the dining room 
 one in the entry to the house 
and two in the living room

A happy fern is watered and trimmed once a week
I call it a fern haircut

Go Fern green

This morning I took the ferns outside for their weekly watering 
and when I grabbed the last fern from the top of the hutch
I looked down to see something funny on the tile in the living room

A baby frog had taken up residence in the fern
Imagine my surprise
{wish I had a video it was hilarious}
grateful the camera was nearby

He was not very happy to go back outside
 but with some coaxing he finally made it out safely
I can only guess he jumped into the fern when we watered it outside last week?

A beautiful fern is
  a great way to add beauty and health to your home
romantic saying for today
"Love makes all things possible"



  1. Ferns are so pretty, Pam! I tried my hand at them one year and the leaves just got too dry on me. I'd love to try one again ~ sans frog, though! : )

  2. Your ferns are so pretty... I usually only hang them out on the porch, but after seeing yours I'm bringing some in. I wouldn't even mind if a little frog came for a visit some time.

  3. Love ferns too ... love your blog page Pam, always neat and pretty ~ have a fabulous Friday ~

  4. I Love Plants of all kinds and Ferns in particular, very Tropical feel to them. It has always been a Fantasy of mine to have a Greenhouse or Conservatory attached to our Home so that I could grow a Jungle of Indoor Plants and totally blur the distinction between Indoors and Outdoors! And how sweet was that wee Frog... Love the Images you captured of him exiting stage left! *Winks*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. I love ferns also. So old fashioned and romantic. I just bought two yesterday and cant wait to find just the right place for them

  6. We have a woods which is carpeted in ferns nearby our Oostkapelle home. I just love them. We also grow them in the garden in our back yard. They are great house plants. xo Jenny

  7. Your ferns look amazing.I am not so good with indoor plants.I do better outdoors with Gods help.We get lots of frogs around here.They are great mosquito eaters.

  8. Hi lovely lady.
    I love your ferns and your little frog!!!
    I have Six hanging on my patio, the Birds love to nest in them... I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family. Come see me it's been a long time.
    XXOO Diane

  9. I LOVE your ferns and your green thumb. I had faux ferns in the house and my husband has a fern garden in the summer. If you'd like a look I posted about it here http://highpointcircle.blogspot.com/2011/05/ferns-of-highpoint-circle-or-fern.html. I started following your blog--it's very nice.

  10. We like to keep ferns in our home too. I love the lacy look of a fern and they seem to do well inside. Great shot of your visitor. ;-)

  11. Great job keeping the fern alive in the house. They go wonderfully in the gh but in the house they dry so fast.

    Happy Saturday!
    ps...love the shots of the frog

  12. Oh, I love ferns too! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!


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