Easy DIY Advent Calender

Hi Everyone
Happy Thursday

It's December 1
and time to start the countdown to
 This morning after my weekly run to Trader Joe's
I was inspired to make
 a quick and easy DIY advent calender
(instead of the chocolate one I almost bought} 
I used brown bags from Trader Joe's for the tags
glitter sprayed clothes pins
a black sharpie
small candies
{I used chocolate kisses and lifesavers}
our sons favorite candies
  a stapler
ribbon and glitter sprayed bells
This was so easy I decided to try making little

heart shaped ornaments made with
old paper back books
All you need is a old paperback book
wire or a paperclip,double sided tape and scissors

Tear off the cover of the book
separate the book into 3 sections
cut the heart shape out on the binded center section
 tape the sides together
insert the paper clip in the middle

 Simple and fun to make
Excited that there are
only 24 days until

romantic saying for today
"Love brings bewitching grace into the heart"



White Christmas

Hi Everyone
Happy Wednesday
Christmas Decorating 
White Ironstone Cottage
 has officially begun
its looking very clean, simple and 
See the detail on this  little step stool
I found it  at the thrift store
it was painted brown
{wish I would have taken a before pick}
 almost wasn't going to buy it because it looked dirty
With a coat of white paint it now is crisp, clean and fabulous
the design and the little handle

Today is the last day of November
 I have a feeling December is going to fly by even faster than November did
tomorrow we start the Christmas countdown
Have you started decorating too?
I have to admit decorating is going rather slowly
I keep looking at everything and remembering all the
Joy and Blessings
from our past Christmases
This could take awhile!!!
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romantic saying for today
"Where we Love is home, home where our feet may leave but not our hearts"
Oliver Wendell Holmes



Decorating tips for Christmas

 Hi Everyone
Happy Monday
here are the rest of the
*Top 10 Decorating tips for Christmas*

Tip # 6
*Decorate in Unexpected places* 
  The main focal points to decorate  in your home are
  your Tree, the Mantle and your Front door 
 the fun begins when you start decorating in the
unexpected places
We always have a small tree in each of the children's bedrooms
They have their own ornaments and get to decorate their tree 
Love to have a real wreath on the inside of the kitchen door
a wreath over mirrors in the dining room and wreaths on the french doors too
It smells amazing and looks pretty too
Tip # 7
*Look to the kitchen*
Gingerbread cookies and  gingerbread houses,
sugar cookies ,candy canes things found in the kitchen all can help to decorate your home
last year we used white granulated sugar
  for our homemade  snow men
the sugar looked just like real snow
 Cookies are great as decorations on the tree too
Don't think just because it comes from the kitchen
it can't be used as a decoration other places in your home
I love to put apples on wreathes and cranberries in jars with candles
I  have even been known to use a pineapple as a centerpiece for Christmas 

Tip #8
*Make it Homemade*
Each year we try to make at least one Christmas ornament together
one year it was snow men, another gingerbread houses to hang on the tree,
Christmas would not be complete without a new family made ornament
The ornaments we make together 
are the treasures that I cherish most

Tip #9
*Show off your Collections*

If you collect vintage treasures now is the time to show them off
This beautiful white ironstone serving bowl was used for our 
advent calender last year
What ever you collect try using it when you decorate 
Tip #10
*Have Fun*
The top ten  decorating tips would not be complete with out this last tip
remember the most important thing is
 to have fun decorating your home
 remember its not about the things you have or how perfect it all can look
its about making memories and sharing the
in your home

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romantic saying for today
"Is not a kiss the very autograph of Love"
  Henry Finck 


Top 10 Decorating Tips for Christmas

 Hi Everyone
Happy Saturday
I am  so excited to share with you my
*Top 10 Christmas decorating tips*
Tip #1
*Look before you buy*
Look at what you have before you go shopping for anything new
Its been a year do you remember what you already have to work with?
If you are like me you probably have more than you remember so
before you buy anything new look at what you have
get your Christmas treasures down from the rafters
throw away or repair anything that is broken
check your lights to see if they work
Tip # 2
*Choose your colors*
Look at Magazines, catalogs and blogs and decide on a color theme
this will save you time and money
If you decide for instance to decorate with pink and silver then you can concentrate on those colors
and eliminate buying the turquoise ornaments that are so adorable
but will probably  not work with your decor
Tip #3
*Bring the outside in*
Bring the outside inside by looking to your garden for inspiration 
 greenery from the garden , flowers, fruit such as green apples and pomegranates,
cut branches and red berries are all  fabulous decorating tools
Tip # 4
*Adding Charm*
Welcome everyone to your home with a beautiful wreath on the front door
and don't forget the front gate too
Drive up and see what friends see before they even walk to the door 
adding a bow or ice skates or even a wreath to a gate or fence will add instant charm 
 Tip # 5
*Add sparkle and fragrance with candles*
Candles are a beautiful way to add that special  romantic sparkle and warmth to a room
I collect candle holders all year long
Everything looks more beautiful and romantic by candlelight
scented candles will add a beautiful fragrance too

Pink Saturday
I will share five more design tips tomorrow

romantic saying for today
"One moment with the one you Love can be a lifetime"



Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Hi Everyone
Happy Wednesday

This morning we will set the table for our
Thanksgiving dinner
Because the weatherman says it is going to rain here tomorrow we will eat here in the dining room
as you can see it is sunny out today but we don't want to take any chances
The centerpiece for the table is always fun to put together

This year I found a vintage cornucopia basket 
  seriously tempted to paint  it white
which will end up with 
 an array of white roses and greenery from the garden

I have found the best way to design a centerpiece 
is to look to your garden for inspiration

This outdoor ivy plant in its rusty wire basket 
goes from outside to inside too adding a touch of rusty vintage charm

Some of the paper white bulbs are blooming
 they have such an amazing smell they will be wonderful in the cornucopia centerpiece

 Wishing you all a Blessed and Beautiful Thanksgiving
filled with
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romantic saying for today 
"Love is the only Gold"
Alfred Lord Tennyson




Hi Everyone
Happy Tuesday

Today I heard on the radio that a local family is
 camping out tonight until Thursday night at midnight in front of a store with their children
so they are the first people in the door for
Black Friday
the Parents said they will have Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday
after they  have done all their shopping
Oh My!!!!!
 this is NOT what
is about
I really thought it was a joke
Don't get me wrong I like a bargain but to miss Thanksgiving and camp out with your children
in front of a store

Maybe I am overreacting 
 What are you thoughts.....
Does this shock  you too?
For some reason this made me so sad

My sweet  handsome Husband brought home these white roses
I Love this man
He reminds me everyday how truly Blessed we are
Love is the best cure for sad
So Grateful that we are Blessed by God with Family, friends and
to share around the table this Thanksgiving

romantic saying for today
"I will always see you through the eyes of Love"
Robert Browning




Hi Everyone
Happy Monday
We will be blessed to have a full house this
with guests even staying in our tiny guest cottage

So grateful to have family and friends over
to celebrate all of God's  Blessings this year

Our guest cottage is a renovated tough shed 
 with a few well placed pieces of  furniture it is a fun overnight
  private spot
thank goodness for the space heater too
The comfy denim pull out couch

A special spot for all the essentials 
this metal cabinet fit perfect and adds extra storage space too

We are all getting excited to have everyone together
to watch football, eat fabulous food and have fun
  there will be lots of laughter and hugs
our daughter will be home from college 
that is the best blessing of all
and she is bringing home a few of her friends too
 the more the merrier
Having the whole family together
is pure bliss for this Mom

romantic saying for today
"Your Love taught me to understand that loving can be simple and secure"
Susan Landon



Prairie Style Wedding

Hi Everyone
Happy Saturday
Being the romantic that I am
I could not wait to see Lauren Bush's  amazing
Prairie Style wedding dress it is in the
December issue of 
 the simple elegance and all of the amazing lace
the vintage feel

 Her dress reminds me of my favorite vintage white lace pillow 
 such beautiful intricate detail
and my favorite vintage white lace tablecloth

 Just started playing with the lace tape that I bought on Etsy
So much fun to add a little lace detail to these tin cups
 back to the wedding ....
Lauren arrived in a vintage horse drawn buggy
{notice there are no bows or ribbons on the buggy} 
so simple 
  to marry David Lauren who is the youngest son of Ralph Lauren
They were married in Colorado at Ralph Lauren 's home
Her dress was designed by Ralph Lauren too
Don't you just
her new name Lauren Lauren
~ sigh~
These white  lacy roses have just a hint of pink they are from our garden
  They would be perfect for a prairie style wedding

So fun to take a peek at a new beginning , such beauty and
to see two people who look so in

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romantic saying for today
"After I do, toasts, tears, songs and kisses after this comes loves long reward"
Dorothy Wall



Holiday Time

 Hi Everyone
Happy Friday
  Life starts to get really busy now
 during the holiday season
I always try to remember to carve out a little time for myself
to rejuvenate to reflect and to recharge
to slow down and enjoy the journey
 A few minutes to sip a cup of tea or
visit with a friend, take a walk
to laugh, to watch a movie with family

As Moms we often are so selfless 
  We think about taking care of everyone else our Husbands, children, animals
Grandparents extended family, friends, Teachers and the list can go on and on
as well as  taking care of every thing else 
decorating the house, the food, the Christmas cards the presents !!
before we even think of our own needs
but I remember what
I learned as a flight attendant
"It is important to put your mask on first than assist your child and others with an additional mask"
Great reminder to be good to ourselves too

Take a Mom time out ,with no guilt, be good to you this holiday season too
so you can be a refreshed, revived and renewed

Are you ready for Thanksgiving
I call this time the calm before the storm!
especially in our kitchen
romantic saying for today
"With one look at you , you became my eternity"