Easy DIY Advent Calender

Hi Everyone
Happy Thursday

It's December 1
and time to start the countdown to
 This morning after my weekly run to Trader Joe's
I was inspired to make
 a quick and easy DIY advent calender
(instead of the chocolate one I almost bought} 
I used brown bags from Trader Joe's for the tags
glitter sprayed clothes pins
a black sharpie
small candies
{I used chocolate kisses and lifesavers}
our sons favorite candies
  a stapler
ribbon and glitter sprayed bells
This was so easy I decided to try making little

heart shaped ornaments made with
old paper back books
All you need is a old paperback book
wire or a paperclip,double sided tape and scissors

Tear off the cover of the book
separate the book into 3 sections
cut the heart shape out on the binded center section
 tape the sides together
insert the paper clip in the middle

 Simple and fun to make
Excited that there are
only 24 days until

romantic saying for today
"Love brings bewitching grace into the heart"



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