Decorating tips for Christmas

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here are the rest of the
*Top 10 Decorating tips for Christmas*

Tip # 6
*Decorate in Unexpected places* 
  The main focal points to decorate  in your home are
  your Tree, the Mantle and your Front door 
 the fun begins when you start decorating in the
unexpected places
We always have a small tree in each of the children's bedrooms
They have their own ornaments and get to decorate their tree 
Love to have a real wreath on the inside of the kitchen door
a wreath over mirrors in the dining room and wreaths on the french doors too
It smells amazing and looks pretty too
Tip # 7
*Look to the kitchen*
Gingerbread cookies and  gingerbread houses,
sugar cookies ,candy canes things found in the kitchen all can help to decorate your home
last year we used white granulated sugar
  for our homemade  snow men
the sugar looked just like real snow
 Cookies are great as decorations on the tree too
Don't think just because it comes from the kitchen
it can't be used as a decoration other places in your home
I love to put apples on wreathes and cranberries in jars with candles
I  have even been known to use a pineapple as a centerpiece for Christmas 

Tip #8
*Make it Homemade*
Each year we try to make at least one Christmas ornament together
one year it was snow men, another gingerbread houses to hang on the tree,
Christmas would not be complete without a new family made ornament
The ornaments we make together 
are the treasures that I cherish most

Tip #9
*Show off your Collections*

If you collect vintage treasures now is the time to show them off
This beautiful white ironstone serving bowl was used for our 
advent calender last year
What ever you collect try using it when you decorate 
Tip #10
*Have Fun*
The top ten  decorating tips would not be complete with out this last tip
remember the most important thing is
 to have fun decorating your home
 remember its not about the things you have or how perfect it all can look
its about making memories and sharing the
in your home

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romantic saying for today
"Is not a kiss the very autograph of Love"
  Henry Finck 


  1. lovelovelove the button wreath!
    thanks for the tips!! :)

  2. Pam, I love your top ten tips for decorating for Christmas. Your list is actually helpful, especially the look before you buy because I was trying to remember about candle holders yesterday while out shopping, and I could not remember details!!!

    Your decor looks lovely as expected, my friend.

    Ricki Jill


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