Prairie Style Wedding

Hi Everyone
Happy Saturday
Being the romantic that I am
I could not wait to see Lauren Bush's  amazing
Prairie Style wedding dress it is in the
December issue of 
 the simple elegance and all of the amazing lace
the vintage feel

 Her dress reminds me of my favorite vintage white lace pillow 
 such beautiful intricate detail
and my favorite vintage white lace tablecloth

 Just started playing with the lace tape that I bought on Etsy
So much fun to add a little lace detail to these tin cups
 back to the wedding ....
Lauren arrived in a vintage horse drawn buggy
{notice there are no bows or ribbons on the buggy} 
so simple 
  to marry David Lauren who is the youngest son of Ralph Lauren
They were married in Colorado at Ralph Lauren 's home
Her dress was designed by Ralph Lauren too
Don't you just
her new name Lauren Lauren
~ sigh~
These white  lacy roses have just a hint of pink they are from our garden
  They would be perfect for a prairie style wedding

So fun to take a peek at a new beginning , such beauty and
to see two people who look so in

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romantic saying for today
"After I do, toasts, tears, songs and kisses after this comes loves long reward"
Dorothy Wall



  1. Wow what a fairytale! What a dress! I love your lace on the zinc cups.

  2. What a lovely post! Thank you for sharing! :)

    <3. Jessie

  3. Wow...you make me want to post my wedding pics...my dress was a little similar...hmmm, maybe I will!

    If I had the opportunity to get married again today I would do the reception in a gorgeous old barn.

    ♥Linsey at Farmhouse Porch

  4. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH lauren lauren.

  5. wow......love this....absolutely gorgeous !

  6. Thank you for sharing this specail and lovely event. They could afford anything thay wanted.

  7. I seen these photos yesterday on the internet...aren't they a beautiful couple?? Love that photo of them together! ~Hugs, Patti

  8. Love how you did this post, Pam! Mixing your pretty pieces with the wedding photos. Wow...she is a pretty bride and I love her dress. He isn't too shabby either! lol!

    Thanks for the peek at their wedding!


  9. Thank you for these lovely and wonderful pics!
    I didn't know, that Ralph Lauren has a such pretty son and now a very pretty daughter in law!!!
    Have a wonderful sunday, Barbara from Switzerland

  10. Hi Pam
    sorry I am wee bit late...Happy Pink Saturday.
    Beautiful post,what a gorgeous wedding dress!!!

    LOve lace table cloth, I love how you assebled every thing for the photo...pretty.The lace tape give the pots a romantic look.

  11. Gorgeous couple, gorgeous setting, gorgeous dress! I wonder if she'll keep her own name, though... :-)

  12. What a gorgeous dress!!

    I love her new name....Lauren Lauren

    Thank you for sharing!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  13. Wow, Pam! Thanks so much for sharing Lauren's wedding with us. What amazing photos, and her dress!!!!! Her new FIL must love her to bits because she looks like a *dream*.

    Your table with the lace tablecloth is so romantic. I had never heard of lace tape before this post, but it makes the little tin cups truly special!

    Enjoy your week!


  14. Beautiful post. Her dress was 2die4! Beautiful couple. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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