Hi Everyone
Happy Tuesday

Today I heard on the radio that a local family is
 camping out tonight until Thursday night at midnight in front of a store with their children
so they are the first people in the door for
Black Friday
the Parents said they will have Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday
after they  have done all their shopping
Oh My!!!!!
 this is NOT what
is about
I really thought it was a joke
Don't get me wrong I like a bargain but to miss Thanksgiving and camp out with your children
in front of a store

Maybe I am overreacting 
 What are you thoughts.....
Does this shock  you too?
For some reason this made me so sad

My sweet  handsome Husband brought home these white roses
I Love this man
He reminds me everyday how truly Blessed we are
Love is the best cure for sad
So Grateful that we are Blessed by God with Family, friends and
to share around the table this Thanksgiving

romantic saying for today
"I will always see you through the eyes of Love"
Robert Browning



  1. Well, first of all I think these parents are crazy and pathetic that this is what they are teaching their children about Family and Thankfulness for all our Blessings, about the True Meaning of Christmas, about what really matters in this world. Shopping. How sad for all of them. But the whole state of this world where Black Friday starts Thanksgiving Eve so more money can be made earlier--well I think it all is ridiculous. I can not think of anything any of us need so badly that we would need or want to be in line several days before a store opens. Not a thing! Somehow we need to refocus are values away from material purchases. Maybe I was just lucky. My parents raised us with values for family and time together and not shop shop shop--and we tried to raise our children with these same values. There is nothing wrong with shopping a good sale-we all love that--but it is putting things in a healthy perspective.I just feel sorry for this family, and I am sad to say, many many more...

  2. I think it's ridiculous!!! Pretty soon stores will be open on Thanksgiving and the entire holiday will just be forgotten. Parents should be showing their children what it is to be thankful not how to get a great deal on toys, clothes, electronics, etc. Life is not about the material things. So sad :(

  3. Many Blessings to you and your love ones this Thanksgiving..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  4. I agree with you. I stopped doing the Friday shopping especially since its called Black Friday. It's not worth fighting the crowds and traffic. We stay home and get the Christmas decorations out. Since my daughter is off at college the time spent at home with her is more important. We may bake some cookies for her to take back.

  5. I would never venture out on Black Friday. I hear it brings out the worst in people and I don't want to see that. You are so right, it's sad and very sad for the children.


  6. I never shop on black Friday. Too crazy for me. I'd rather spend more money than torture myself with all the traffic. Miss Thanksgiving to shop? No, not my cup of tea. For me, Thanksgiving starts the Holiday season, I wouldn't miss those happy faces and sibling jokes at my dinner table for a million dollars!

  7. I am teaching my students about Thanksgiving and hadn't thought to mention Black Friday - now I will. What a sad story: I feel for those poor children.

    Wishing you a glorious day with your family.


  8. totally agree with you, it is sad. We spend black Friday cutting our Christmas tree in the mountains with our kids and grandkids.

  9. I couldn't believe some stores are opening up today on Thanksgiving. Shopping has gone insane!!I heard Thanksgiving tell Christmas the other day.....hold up....it's not your turn yet.


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