White Christmas

Hi Everyone
Happy Wednesday
Christmas Decorating 
White Ironstone Cottage
 has officially begun
its looking very clean, simple and 
See the detail on this  little step stool
I found it  at the thrift store
it was painted brown
{wish I would have taken a before pick}
 almost wasn't going to buy it because it looked dirty
With a coat of white paint it now is crisp, clean and fabulous
the design and the little handle

Today is the last day of November
 I have a feeling December is going to fly by even faster than November did
tomorrow we start the Christmas countdown
Have you started decorating too?
I have to admit decorating is going rather slowly
I keep looking at everything and remembering all the
Joy and Blessings
from our past Christmases
This could take awhile!!!
linking for
White Wednesday
Holiday Vignette party 
Power of paint party

romantic saying for today
"Where we Love is home, home where our feet may leave but not our hearts"
Oliver Wendell Holmes



  1. Pam~
    I always love your sweet and simple style.
    I don't have a "white" home, but I sure appreciate yours!
    I am more of a creamy-cream girl.
    But what I really wanted to say is that your love for your family really shines through on this blog of yours.
    You have a very sweet spirit and I admire it very much.

  2. It's starting to look pretty, I can't wait to see your home all done up for Christmas....Happy decorating...


  3. I haven't even started decorating! But I really enjoyed stopping in for a bit of your beautiful eye (and ear) candy!

  4. Hey! NOW I remember your blog. Very, very nice. I love the star and stepstool. I saw a neat wreath peeking up at me from the post before this - but wanted to stop and leave a comment (if it lets me!) We'll in in 3..2...1

  5. ah, :( It didn't take my follow up comment! Trying it again. You know, I typed "see" between We'll and in in the above last sentence, but my fingers didn't pound the keys hard enough I guess. AND, I slowed down my point and click last time . . . let's see ...in 3...2...1

  6. Hi Pam...love your little step stool...and it looks great painted white. I am sure your Christmas decorations will turn your home into a winter wonderland...a magic and sparkly setting for your family to celebrate together.
    It already is so lovely and welcoming! :)

  7. Your little star in the window is so cute! :D

  8. Hi there! I just posted the final giveaway Celebrating Fishtail Cottage’s One Year Anniversary gifts!!! Wanted to invite you back over to enter this and any other giveaways’ you missed! http://fishtailcottage.blogspot.com/2011/11/fishtail-cottage-giveaway-19a-pinch-of.html

  9. CHRISTmas is here! WOOOHOOO love the white and silver theme :)

  10. Christmas seems to come and go faster every year, doesn't it, Pam?? I'm loving the white simplicity of your decor this year. I went with a very JDA look this year and I'm loving it. :) Your little stool is just adorable!

    xoxo laurie

  11. So pretty! Love the stool and love your simple white! Gorgeous...

  12. Very sweet decorations! Love everything you've done- simple and elegant (: Thanks for linking up with our Christmas Cheer Link Party! xoxo

  13. So so beautiful. I love the white. Thanks for linking up!

  14. I love your all white vignette!! It is always so ethereal looking when white is used.So pretty,


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