Top 10 Decorating Tips for Christmas

 Hi Everyone
Happy Saturday
I am  so excited to share with you my
*Top 10 Christmas decorating tips*
Tip #1
*Look before you buy*
Look at what you have before you go shopping for anything new
Its been a year do you remember what you already have to work with?
If you are like me you probably have more than you remember so
before you buy anything new look at what you have
get your Christmas treasures down from the rafters
throw away or repair anything that is broken
check your lights to see if they work
Tip # 2
*Choose your colors*
Look at Magazines, catalogs and blogs and decide on a color theme
this will save you time and money
If you decide for instance to decorate with pink and silver then you can concentrate on those colors
and eliminate buying the turquoise ornaments that are so adorable
but will probably  not work with your decor
Tip #3
*Bring the outside in*
Bring the outside inside by looking to your garden for inspiration 
 greenery from the garden , flowers, fruit such as green apples and pomegranates,
cut branches and red berries are all  fabulous decorating tools
Tip # 4
*Adding Charm*
Welcome everyone to your home with a beautiful wreath on the front door
and don't forget the front gate too
Drive up and see what friends see before they even walk to the door 
adding a bow or ice skates or even a wreath to a gate or fence will add instant charm 
 Tip # 5
*Add sparkle and fragrance with candles*
Candles are a beautiful way to add that special  romantic sparkle and warmth to a room
I collect candle holders all year long
Everything looks more beautiful and romantic by candlelight
scented candles will add a beautiful fragrance too

Pink Saturday
I will share five more design tips tomorrow

romantic saying for today
"One moment with the one you Love can be a lifetime"



  1. Great tips! I am always surprised about what I've forgotten about when I bring out my decorations. :)

    I like the idea of bringing the outdoors in.

    Happy Decorating!

  2. I love when I find things I bought at the after Christmas sales. Nice surprises and it keeps me from buying more in December.

    Love the ice skates...I keep trying to remember to bring a pair home form the lake to decorate with!


  3. Great tips, Pam!! My decor is all up and I'm loving it! Purely JDA inspired! :)

    xoxo laurie

  4. Love the post~we can always use tips. I need to get my stuff out and follow tip number one...then tip number two!

  5. So pweety!

    Barbie and Ken, please come and see. Have a great weekend.

  6. A nice, sweet smelling pink post.

  7. Great tips, love No.5. I'm all decked out, but will post next week after a couple of flower touches! Happy Pink Sat. FABBY

  8. Love the ice skates hanging from the fence. Your entrance looks so pretty. Have a great weekend!

  9. Good tips! Love the ice skates on the gate...

  10. Happy Pink Saturday, Pam. I love it when you join us. Of course, you know I love your blog and style.

    Great tips. They are almost finished with our built-ins in the dining room. I'll be certain to show pictures when it is finished. The painting is being finished this morning, but then we have to let it set up before we put everything in it.


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