Vintage White Lace

Hi Everyone
Happy Monday
The sun was peeking out of the clouds this morning
when I took pictures of
this beautiful vintage white lace tablecloth
The tablecloth was on the bottom of a box of linens I bought.
It was a dirty mess but the detail was so pretty
I decided to try and see if I could get it back to pristine {white} again
I soaked it in a mixture of
and warm water

It took a few tries to get it {white} but it turned out beautiful

the amazing intricate detail

I haven't ironed it yet I was so excited to show you
how well it turned out

So Lovely

I love lace tablecloths and I love to wear lace too

This would make a fabulous beach cover up
It looks just like the tablecloth

I am in LOVE with all of these
from the February issue of Vogue magazine
Oh My
So beautiful, so romantic

I keep looking at the white tablecloth on the table wishing I knew how to sew

Have a wonderful Monday

romantic saying for today

I Love thee

I Love but thee
With a Love that shall not die
Till the sun grows cold And the stars grow old
William Shakespeare



Be my Valentine

Hi Everyone

I was in the kitchen last night making
Valentine cupcakes
and all of the sudden I came up with a fun and easy

Can you guess what I used to add a little
valentine color to the chandelier?

Paper cupcake liners

Its so easy you just cut the bottom
and slip it over the light
I cant believe how
it looks

The best part is I already had the
paper cupcake liners
and now the cupcakes and the chandelier match
too cute

romantic saying for today

"For you see, each day I love you more
Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow."
Rosemonde Gerard


My Stacks of Magazines

Hi Everyone
Happy Thursday
When I saw this photo it made me laugh out loud
Don't get me wrong I love everything about this room
the white floors
{Which I am trying to convince my Husband would look fabulous in our home}
the glass candlesticks
Oh My! the amazing fireplace
The thing that caught my eye was the large
next to the chest.

I too have magazines all over the house
they are here there and everywhere
These are the ones in the Kitchen

Here are a few more in the hall way
I try to get creative
really this wood floor would look amazing painted

Here are even more magazines in a vintage white wicker basket
I try to eliminate
I even try to just cut out the articles, pictures and ideas
I really like and then recycle the magazines
but some are just
Too Fabulous
to let go of
I have just ordered my very first
Jeanne d Arc Living magazine
I am so excited
If you are like me and have a FEW magazines in your home where do you put them?
Are they stacked up floor to ceiling too

I Hope you have a wonderful day

romantic saying for today

"You are my sleep, my rest,the water I drink
I can be without anyone but not without you"



♥Its a Girl♥

Hi Everyone

Its a Happy Day

I can't believe how fast time flies
How Blessed and Grateful I am to be Mommy to such a
beautiful, talented and amazing
here she is on her first valentines day
only a few weeks old

We have celebrated this day in many ways

Slumber parties
fairy houses

We Love You
Before you were conceived we wanted you
Before you were born we Loved you
When we held you in our arms
We understood what unconditional LOVE is..
Time sure flies when your having fun
our little angel who flew too close we grabbed her!!!!!!
Now we celebrate the beautiful women you have become.
I can still remember the doctor saying "it's a Girl"
Happy Birthday

Happy Wednesday
romantic saying for today

"I Love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach"
Elizabeth Barret Browning



White Front Door

Hi Everyone

This is our White Front Door
It did not look this way when we bought this house a few years ago
The story of how we came to live in this house would make you laugh and cry
it is quite an adventure anyway back to the
front door

I Love the way it turned out

warning !!!!!!!!!
the picture you are going to see next is

Yikes !!!!!!!
This is the front door before
I love how my husband kept saying
that the house had

Of coarse he was right
The house has the most amazing view, lots of privacy
and is 5 minutes from the beach
We are so lucky and so Blessed to live here
I have to admit it is still a work in progress
but I love the challenge of turning this house into our

It is so fun to see what a little white paint can do

romantic saying for today

"Give all to Love; obey thy heart"
Ralph Waldo Emerson



Vintage Dust Brush

Hi Everyone
Happy Monday
I finally figured out how to hang this adorable
robins egg blue dust brush
by the fireplace

The brush had a little loop at the top so I knew I
could hang it but I had to get a little creative
sometimes {simple is the best} choice

I hung this vintage white enamel dust pan
on the other side of the fireplace
with a checked blue and white gingham ribbon

Now they are both easy to get to
and they look pretty too
It is so fun to add vintage treasures
they turn our house into a
adding character, warmth and charm
Have a wonderful

Romantic saying for today

"If I know what love is, it is because of you."



Add a little French PINK

When I spotted this
Vintage French Enamel Bucket
I knew it was coming home with me
I found it at the {Irvine flea market} a few years
ago and it has been in my kitchen ever since.

It is the most wonderful shade of pink

I have used it as a ice bucket at parties

and a vase for flowers

I love the wooden handle and the lid of the bucket too
I used it at my daughters 17th birthday
{she turns 20 in a few days}
to hold her
Birthday Flowers
It is a fabulous treasure
and the perfect shade of pink

I hope you Have a wonderful Saturday

Romantic saying for today
There is no fear in love but perfect Love casts out fear
1John 4:18



Add a little ♥

Hi Everyone
Do You see the little silver stars on my dining room
I love stars and for New Years Eve
I always put these little glitter stars on the chandelier to dress it up....

The stars look pretty and add a little extra bling
but now it is time to add a little

To Celebrate Valentines Day
I like to add these little
{silver hearts}
Love the way the light catches on the hearts reflecting the sunlight all over the room
I also love how these stars and hearts darken with age
Did you know they are actually made with real silver so they tarnish over time?
Stay tuned for photos of my Valentines Day

Have a Wonderful Friday

romantic saying for the day
Every time the wind blows that's me blowing you a Kiss



A Home for the Birds

Hi Friends,
I can't tell you how Blessed we are to live in
Southern California
The weather the last few days has been simply glorious
Around 75 warm and sunny

I was outside today still pruning the roses and
I took a few shots of
two of my favorite things about our home
the 2 bird houses
This is the one in the front yard

We have baby blue birds calling this birdhouse home right now
The birdhouse is almost bursting at the seams
I Love and admire how hard the mommy bird is working to feed her little ones
I haven't snapped a good shot of her yet
{I don't want to scare her}

This is the french door in the living room that leads to the backyard

and This is the second birdhouse we added

I am on baby blue bird watch
I can't wait to get a picture of them
We can hear them chirping
{hungry all the time}
Which reminds me I need to make dinner

*A special Thank You* to all of you who let me know my comment link was NOT working
I am so sorry if you tried to leave me a ♥ note
After trying to figure out how to fix the problem,
days of frustration,yelling,crying,
googling,giving up and deciding to live with the problem forever
am I alone in my lack of tech ability?
A small voice said
try cutting and pasting the original text
It Worked
I am so happy to get your comments again



Vintage White Enamelware

Hi Everyone
Happy White Wednesday
I thought I would show you some of my favorite
Vintage White enamelware

This is a vintage french enamelware candle holder
It has such a wonderful design to it
I love the chippy, rusted edges
Love that the wax from the candle
goes on to the base and not on the table
Love the handle
It almost has a lacy edge to it very feminine and of coarse I love that it is


This is a vintage enamelware toothbrush holder
I love to have these in the bathroom not only for toothbrushes but
to put jewelry in when I take a shower or bath

This is a vintage french enamelware pitcher that I bought
at a french brocante carrying it home on the plane
it even went through airport security
It is one of my favorite treasures
It gets filled with seasonal flowers and always looks fabulous where ever it is in the house

this is a vintage french enamelware trivet
Love that all these treasures are white and can be moved from room to room
Which Vintage white enamelware treasure is your favorite?
Leave me a ♥
note and let me know which one caught your eye
I love them all and love that all these pieces can go anywhere in the house and look vintage fabulous
Have a wonderful Wednesday
This week sure is going by quickly



Vintage Family Treasure

Hi Friends
Happy Tuesday
Do you have vintage family treasures that were passed down to you
generation to generation?
Treasures that you can remember seeing as a child in your Grandparents home?
This is a picture that was my Grandmothers
It is a true family treasure
I remember when my Grandmother passed away and I was given this painting
I loved my Grandmother
She had fabulous taste
She could do it all, cook from scratch, grow an organic garden, play concert piano and she was so much fun
She taught me a lot about antiques and finding treasures

Every time I look at this treasure it makes me
It is so special
Very elegant and timeless
I know she would be so happy to know that I love it and
that it is still part of the family
It looks pretty in the bedroom with all of my sterling silver bling
under this etched glass cloche. I hope you
surround yourself with the treasures that make you smile
Have a wonderful Tuesday



Vintage Beauty

Hi Everyone
Do you remember
the very first vintage treasure that you bought?
The item that caught your eye, that made your heart beat just a tiny bit faster

This is the very first vintage treasure that I bought

I can still remember where I was

how much it cost and

the thrill that it was


( do you see my camera in the reflection?)


It wasn't practical and it wasn't what most

15 year old girls were excited about


{I loved it}

The best part is I still

Love it

I have had it a long time and it still makes my

heart beat just a little faster every time I look at it.

I carried it to my High School prom

and I love to display it around the house.

To me it is A real Vintage Beauty

What was your first vintage treasure

Do you still have it too?

I have some exciting news to share with you soon !!!!!!