Vintage Family Treasure

Hi Friends
Happy Tuesday
Do you have vintage family treasures that were passed down to you
generation to generation?
Treasures that you can remember seeing as a child in your Grandparents home?
This is a picture that was my Grandmothers
It is a true family treasure
I remember when my Grandmother passed away and I was given this painting
I loved my Grandmother
She had fabulous taste
She could do it all, cook from scratch, grow an organic garden, play concert piano and she was so much fun
She taught me a lot about antiques and finding treasures

Every time I look at this treasure it makes me
It is so special
Very elegant and timeless
I know she would be so happy to know that I love it and
that it is still part of the family
It looks pretty in the bedroom with all of my sterling silver bling
under this etched glass cloche. I hope you
surround yourself with the treasures that make you smile
Have a wonderful Tuesday


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