Vintage White Lace

Hi Everyone
Happy Monday
The sun was peeking out of the clouds this morning
when I took pictures of
this beautiful vintage white lace tablecloth
The tablecloth was on the bottom of a box of linens I bought.
It was a dirty mess but the detail was so pretty
I decided to try and see if I could get it back to pristine {white} again
I soaked it in a mixture of
and warm water

It took a few tries to get it {white} but it turned out beautiful

the amazing intricate detail

I haven't ironed it yet I was so excited to show you
how well it turned out

So Lovely

I love lace tablecloths and I love to wear lace too

This would make a fabulous beach cover up
It looks just like the tablecloth

I am in LOVE with all of these
from the February issue of Vogue magazine
Oh My
So beautiful, so romantic

I keep looking at the white tablecloth on the table wishing I knew how to sew

Have a wonderful Monday

romantic saying for today

I Love thee

I Love but thee
With a Love that shall not die
Till the sun grows cold And the stars grow old
William Shakespeare



  1. Very pretty, Pam! And I love the gorgeous dresses!


  2. The lace is so beautiful. Once I was at a historical fair and I watched ladies doing this tatting... it made my head spin. i have no idea how they kept all the needles straight or how they knew which to move next.

    Love the little cupcake papers..and my 2nd daughter was born on the 12th of February!

  3. It is just absolutely gorgeous.

    You've inspired me. I have some pieces that need to be soaked, too.

  4. The lace is wonderful so delicate and feminine. Now I have to go and buy the Feb. Vogue issue to see more of those dresses!
    Your house looks gorgeous.



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