My Stacks of Magazines

Hi Everyone
Happy Thursday
When I saw this photo it made me laugh out loud
Don't get me wrong I love everything about this room
the white floors
{Which I am trying to convince my Husband would look fabulous in our home}
the glass candlesticks
Oh My! the amazing fireplace
The thing that caught my eye was the large
next to the chest.

I too have magazines all over the house
they are here there and everywhere
These are the ones in the Kitchen

Here are a few more in the hall way
I try to get creative
really this wood floor would look amazing painted

Here are even more magazines in a vintage white wicker basket
I try to eliminate
I even try to just cut out the articles, pictures and ideas
I really like and then recycle the magazines
but some are just
Too Fabulous
to let go of
I have just ordered my very first
Jeanne d Arc Living magazine
I am so excited
If you are like me and have a FEW magazines in your home where do you put them?
Are they stacked up floor to ceiling too

I Hope you have a wonderful day

romantic saying for today

"You are my sleep, my rest,the water I drink
I can be without anyone but not without you"



  1. So funny you did this post...i just made a "draft" of all my books & magazines that are stored in the nooks & crannies of my home! We must be on the same mental page - do we have to many? yet, can't part with them either? xoox

  2. Hi Pam, I'm a new follower! I love totally agree with the magazine situation, must have spent $100's on them! I cut mine out for my inspiration board

    Rhiannan xxx

  3. Love your saying for today! I too have magazines all over the house!! I tried to throw some away last month and felt bereft!!! Have a fab Friday xx

  4. At the start of the new year I got rid of my piles...some going back months and now I just have a basket by my bed. I vowed not to rip anything out unless it was a great recipe and I had to make it that week. The basket is however growing fuller...some things don't change.

    Love the great pictures of your home. I love white florrs but yours are pretty, too!


  5. So I'm not the only one who hoards magazines. That's a relief! :) I have a bookshelf dedicated to my magazines and other shelves around the place with a few here and there. I do get ruthless every now and then and do a cull but not before I save my favourite pictures and put them into a plastic sleeve folder. My sense of loss is not so great then. :)
    Love your blog.
    Anne xx

  6. Guilty here too!

    I bought white magazine holders at The Container Store for storage of years past but put current favorites in baskets around the house.

    BTW...trying to talk my husband into white floors too!

  7. Amazing how many of us have "magazine" problems. Your home is beautiful and so is the baby girl!

  8. I feel the same way about magazines! I love your Rumi quote too. Happy weekend!

    Mermaid Debbie

  9. Oh, and the floors would look beautiful in WHITE!

  10. i'm right there with you girl !! i have stacks and stacks and stacks..it's an addiction you know...(could be worse)

  11. I have them in almost every room tons of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are also several stacks at my salon. Try to donate to the library every so often. Music is nice I need to make sure my sound is not to high as I have a son that needs to sleep in the day time.


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