Vintage Beauty

Hi Everyone
Do you remember
the very first vintage treasure that you bought?
The item that caught your eye, that made your heart beat just a tiny bit faster

This is the very first vintage treasure that I bought

I can still remember where I was

how much it cost and

the thrill that it was


( do you see my camera in the reflection?)


It wasn't practical and it wasn't what most

15 year old girls were excited about


{I loved it}

The best part is I still

Love it

I have had it a long time and it still makes my

heart beat just a little faster every time I look at it.

I carried it to my High School prom

and I love to display it around the house.

To me it is A real Vintage Beauty

What was your first vintage treasure

Do you still have it too?

I have some exciting news to share with you soon !!!!!!


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