A Home for the Birds

Hi Friends,
I can't tell you how Blessed we are to live in
Southern California
The weather the last few days has been simply glorious
Around 75 warm and sunny

I was outside today still pruning the roses and
I took a few shots of
two of my favorite things about our home
the 2 bird houses
This is the one in the front yard

We have baby blue birds calling this birdhouse home right now
The birdhouse is almost bursting at the seams
I Love and admire how hard the mommy bird is working to feed her little ones
I haven't snapped a good shot of her yet
{I don't want to scare her}

This is the french door in the living room that leads to the backyard

and This is the second birdhouse we added

I am on baby blue bird watch
I can't wait to get a picture of them
We can hear them chirping
{hungry all the time}
Which reminds me I need to make dinner

*A special Thank You* to all of you who let me know my comment link was NOT working
I am so sorry if you tried to leave me a ♥ note
After trying to figure out how to fix the problem,
days of frustration,yelling,crying,
googling,giving up and deciding to live with the problem forever
am I alone in my lack of tech ability?
A small voice said
try cutting and pasting the original text
It Worked
I am so happy to get your comments again



  1. Stop it! 35 today in Dallas, all day! I walk in the morning at 5:30, I will be bundled up.

  2. Here in Tennessee we got more snow! We lived in Northern California for over four years and I sure have been missing it! I love I really like your birdhouses and the view from your french door is awesome!! I am new to your blog and I like it a lot.

  3. Oh my! I'm loving your blog!!!! The bird house & feeder are darling! I'm your newest follower (after reading just one post), & your patio, would love to have my coffee out there this am & listen to your little chirpy birds. So inviting!! Have a wonderful weekend - off to peek around your blog!


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