Vintage Dust Brush

Hi Everyone
Happy Monday
I finally figured out how to hang this adorable
robins egg blue dust brush
by the fireplace

The brush had a little loop at the top so I knew I
could hang it but I had to get a little creative
sometimes {simple is the best} choice

I hung this vintage white enamel dust pan
on the other side of the fireplace
with a checked blue and white gingham ribbon

Now they are both easy to get to
and they look pretty too
It is so fun to add vintage treasures
they turn our house into a
adding character, warmth and charm
Have a wonderful

Romantic saying for today

"If I know what love is, it is because of you."



  1. cute vintage brush...and I love the pan with the little rose in the middle...how unusual!

  2. Loving that dust pan too! I've never seen one so lovely...mine are plastic & are tucked away in the broom closet! never have seen one so pretty like yours!

  3. I love the brush and dust pan hung that way. They do add charm. I have a collection of brushes sitting in a bowl because I can't figure out how to hang them or where to hang them....

  4. Hi Pam,

    How sweet of you to enter my give away and post it on your side bar. I love your blog and read the posts. I dont leave a comment very often but love your pictures and am in love with your beautiful header.

    xxx Rozmeen


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