Another Fabulous Invitation

I am so excited I just received the
Invitation to Rogers Garden Christmas event
Always one of my Favorites
This is a picture of a Christmas tree decorated with
Wendy Addison's glitter stars at
Rogers Garden
Last year.
Wendy was a guest at the sale
and what a thrill it was to meet her.

This is the original Carnation Gazebo from Disneyland.
It is on the property and is always decorated with twinkle lights and gorgeous flowers

*Rogers Garden*

It is the most Beautiful Home and Garden store and so much more...
over 7 acres filled to overflowing with beautiful
plants, flowers, roses, antique pine furniture

Rogers Garden is in Newport Beach

I am so excited to go and this year I will

take lots of pictures to share with you too.

I love that this sale starts the
first week in October. LOL
But it does get me motivated to go
home and start thinking about
getting the Chrsitmas stuff down from the rafters.
I can't wait to go and get inspired and show you all the beauty too.




White Enamelware Buckets

These Two White Enamelware buckets are a favorite find.
I use them almost daily for laundry, storage, and even as a vase for flowers.
I love their wooden handles and adorable decals.
They usually sit next to the fireplace in the dining room
where they are easy to grab when we are on our way to the Beach.
They are great shell collecting buckets too.
These buckets were made to last forever
they are

Did you notice anything different above?

I finally figured out how to place my name on my pictures.

It only took me ALL DAY lol

But I did it.

My name could be be a little bigger

what do you think ?

I am thrilled with my first attempt.

This is a testament to never giving up, I am happy, grateful and tired.

I think I will try again tomorrow to see if I can make it just a little tiny bit bigger.

Would you leave it as it is? Let me know




Gorgeous Weekend

Amazing Weekend

Gorgeous Weather

Hope you had a chance to enjoy all the Lord's beauty around you



Magnolia Creek & Co Atelier

Meet Talented Robyn and her beau Ander's
They are so adorable ( check out Robyn's wellies).
Robyn has a new store in Valley Center.
I can't wait to see it.
I met Robyn when she
and her Mom opened
their store on Cedros in
Solana Beach. It was an old house and I still remember
the floor it was covered with old
Country Living and Country Home magazine covers.
Such a great idea.
Robyn buys a great deal of her
treasures from Ireland.
I love the way she vignettes everything
in her store.
She has a great eye. Her store was even featured in
Victoria Magazine.
She is also marvelous with flowers.
Did I mention she is Talented?

Beautiful Invite here is the address

31339 Valley Center Road

Valley Center, Calif 92082

Grand Opening October 1-3

10 -5

I can't wait !




*Living with Vintage Treasures*

The little Punch Bowl on the left is a new addition.

When I found it I knew it would look great

next to the large punch bowl on the buffet table in our dining room.
These vintage punch bowls are great containers

for shells & rocks from the beach, feathers, white star fish you get the idea.

These sterling silver napkin rings are too pretty

to hide away in a drawer. They add a little sparkle to the room

The little silver dome looks right at home too.

I don't like to buy beautiful treasures and then

hide them away in a drawer or cabinet where

I can't see them or use them.

In our home we use everything.

Out of sight out of mind

Not for me.

Nothing in our home is too precious

not to be used and enjoyed.

What do you have hidden away in your cabinets
that would look beautiful on your buffet or table?
Try putting the things you love
out for everyone to enjoy.




Ballet Slippers and a French Wire Basket

We were in beautiful Santa Barbara last weekend.
It was gorgeous weather and very fun shopping too.
I love the garage sales there. I always find pretty treasures.
I found these ballet slippers for $1
I also found a white slip and this french wire basket
love the wooden handle

I was so excited to get home and put the ballet slippers
up in my daughters room
I've been looking for ballet slippers for quite a long time.
I spotted them as we drove by the sale
and I jumped out of the car and the sweet girls who
were having the sale were so thrilled that I wanted them, it was fun.
When we got home
Everything ended up in a pile on the floor.
It looked so pretty I grabbed the camera to show you.
* A little tip*
Don't be afraid to make an offer when you are
buying things at garage sales and flea markets
I was able to buy all 3 items for 8 dollars
Happy White Wednesday


*Fall Decorating with Treasures*

Started Decorating for Fall .......

Don't you just love these
Vintage Binoculars

I found them at a
Flea Market in
Martha's Vineyard
The Pitchers were gifts from friends.
The one on the left is French Vintage Fabulous and
the one on the right is from Nordstrom's
Love the lemon and cherry pattern.
One old one new but pretty together
Don't you think?

This small leather carrier I found at a thrift store

It fits the small pair of binoculars


ven this small star fish looks at home

Love the memories that go with these binoculars.
Getting up early stomach filled with butterflies in
anticipation of the treasures to be found.

Everyone in the car, coffee in hand
so excited. I wanted to buy everything.

Love to treasure hunt.
Such fun.

It feels like fall here.
Very chilly and foggy.
Time for a cozy fire ,
to get the blankets out of the closet
time for a pot of tea.
Banana Bread in the oven yummy.....
Happy Monday

Blessings ,



*Romantic Decorating*

Hi All,

Thank you for your wonderful comments, You are all so much FUN

Are you a *Romantic* at Heart?

I am a born Romantic. Love LOVE..... ♥

I also love Decorating with Cloches.
love the little Vignettes you can put together.

Here is the Cloche in our Bedroom.
I have a Collection of Sterling Silver
Treasures that I have been collecting since I was 16
they are under this pretty etched cloche.
I also have some of my favorite necklaces
that I love to wear on top.
They are just too pretty to have hidden away.
I love how they look and this way I get to enjoy
them even if I am not wearing them.

I have a few cloches in the garden protecting the sweet pea seeds too.

Have a wonderful day



Is it Wednesday Already?

Who's That little Girl?
It's me with my Grandmother Margaret and My Mom Elizabeth.
I am obviously excited about my new purse and velvet dress. My Grandmother's necklace looks a little tight lol. Love my Moms gloves and the hairdos,I will have to ask my Mom if she is wearing a hat!!!!It was the 60's and perms were all the rage. Pictures are wonderful. I am so grateful to have this picture with the 3 of us. My love of purses obviously started early. Still love vintage purses. My Favorite is my very old Lois Vuitton speedy.
I got it new and still love it 20 some years later.

I love this picture of Audrey Hepburn looking fabulous with her LV speedy.

When we were in Paris at the Flea Markets the vintage LV's were soo expensive and very popular.I still have the lock and key and the sleeve my purse came in.
Amazing that Lois Vuitton started in France in 1854.
Still in style and beautiful.

Do you have a favorite purse?
This is my purse for fall again this year, it just seems to go with everything.
Happy Wednesday


*A little Shopping........

Hi Friends...

I found the cutest little gift.

These band aids that say

Keep Calm and Carry on...


and the red tin is oh so cute...
and only 7.50 at the Paper Source
I was right on budget until I found this silver DOME?
How can I resist? This is not in my budget but..
Did you go shopping too this weekend?
Between Baseball games and laundry,planting sweet peas
and more baseball. Somehow
I managed a few hours of early
Christmas shopping.
I always admire those friends who have all
their shopping done by Halloween. Really???LOL
I am inspired this year to start early.
Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?


* Loves Fresh Lemon*

I hope you are all enjoying a peaceful weekend.I want to thank wonderful Laura at 52Flea for posting about my interview with her on her blog, it was so gracious of her and a wonderful surprise.

Do you remember this?

* It was my Very First Perfume *

*It Smells like this*

*I Love Lemons*
I was at Breakfast at Thyme in the Ranch with Gail and Barbara this week and we were admiring the beautiful flowers in the front of the restaurant. There were Eden roses and yummy lemon scented geraniums. The geraniums reminded me of Loves Fresh Lemon perfume.This was a wonderful memory. My first perfume. I immediately went home and googled Loves Fresh Lemon and to my surprise ........
it is still available. I found it on Amazon.com for $3.99. ( I think it was that much way back when)
This is so fun. I bought a few to share with friends. I can't wait to smell it again and see if it is a great as I remember,Light, Clean,Lemon fresh and Lovley.
I wear *Antonias Flowers* now. It is a garden of freshness,romantic, clean and crisp and delightful.It is from East Hampton. For more information about this delightful scent click on the side bar to the right "My Favorite Perfume"
Please Leave me a comment,
I would love to know what your first perfume was?



**A Fabulous Visit with Laura at 52 FLEA**

Welcome Laura

I am so excited to be interviewing you
I really adore your blog* 52Flea* it is beautiful and inspiring.

Thank you for your kind words on
I enjoy every aspect of blogging and am having a lot of fun with it
The first thing I always ask friends is
What do you Collect?
Oh my goodness. Well, to begin with...I have been collecting since I was a child...so my first collections had to do with nature...rocks, sea glass and shells....and then all sorts of other tiny things...bits and bobs.Then, as I was fascinated with old things and their history I started asking for old wooden implements and odds and ends and kitchen things from my grandparents who lived on a farm with a 200 year old barn. I married young, right out of college and started collecting lots of kitchen items, yellow ware and ironstone for my own home. I have many family items from my husbands relatives as well as my own. I spent a lot of time rooting around in the attics and basements of our grandparents! I love wire ware and metal items, garden things, books, books and more books...I have many baskets, old toys and games, linens, quilts, vintage clothes and hats. I collect old photos, cameras, typewriters, etc. You see? The list goes on and on. I would say that I love things with history and a bit of whimsy. I love a patina on things... a little chipped paint, tarnish or rust shows character and is preferable to me. I love to collect things that have been designed well and have decorative appeal.Recently I have returned to collecting smaller things ...I have been buying lots to use in art projects...ribbons, lace, old keys, religious metals, ephemera, etc. My collections are all informal....mostly everyday, useful items from days past. Things with texture and interesting detail always draw me in...and things that were obviously loved make my heart melt

Do you Decorate with White Ironstone?

Yes, I use white ironstone throughout my home...everyday in the form of soap dishes and pitchers for flowers. I use platters for interesting displays as well as serving food. White ironstone is so versatile and serves as a clean and fresh backdrop for any display. They are the bones of most of my tablescapes and I love to mix and match other pieces with my ironstone. I would have to say that my favorite way to display flowers is in my ironstone pitchers....so classic!

How is your Lake house decorated?

Our lake house is decorated entirely with flea market, thrift store and curbside finds. It has a decidedly Adirondack feel to it...some vintage twig furniture mixed in...lots of accessories that were found locally....pack baskets, snow shoes, skis, etc. It is very relaxed and comfortable with stacks of games to be played and lots of nature finds from hikes accumulated over the years. There are books everywhere...ranging from topics to do with nature...wildflowers, birds, etc. to decorating books to old mysteries. It is very rustic and campy.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

Well, assuming I could have unlimited access to my family members wherever they are.....I would say that I love being able to look at water....be it a lake or ocean. I absolutely loved our trips to France and Italy and think I would enjoy the European lifestyle.I am not a city girl but love a lot of things that a city has to offer...like museums and the ballet or opera. Ideally, I think I would like to live within walking distance to a thriving town or village....someplace with cultural and artistic events happening and someplace with easy access to barn sales and thrift stores! :) Oh, and a mild climate would be lovely!

What is inspiring you for fall?
Well, anyone who knows me...knows that I hate (I know hate is a very strong word)....but I hate the color orange and I am a fraidy cat so I really do not like Halloween at all I have a collection of black books with scary titles...but that is as far as I go.My fall decorations include lots of white pumpkins, grapevines, green gourds, baskets, rustic wood items, old worn brown leather suitcases, plaid blankets ...lots of texture!. I do love sweater weather!

Thank You Laura you are so gracious ,You are my new kindred spirit.(I'm not a big orange fan either).
I hope you enjoyed getting to know Laura as much as I did. Be sure to drop by *52Flea*.



***Silver Sparkle Crown***

This is the Crown I wore when I was Queen for a day,
I was Crowned Homecoming Queen.
It was so much fun and a long time ago,
but the memory lives on with this
Silver Sparkle Crown.
I can still remember feeling so special it felt
like a dream come true.
Its so fun to decorate with Crowns.
I also have a collection of dishware from the
Hotel del Coronado
that have crowns on them.
My Husband and I used to go there often when we were dating.
He grew up in Coronado Island and we owned our first home there.
Do you like to decorate with crowns too?
I would love to know how you display crowns in your home .
Oh the possibilities.!!




*White Front Door*

Many of you have been asking me if I was brave enough to paint my Front Door RED
and the answer is.......
I really Love my White Front Door.
I was lucky and found this old screen door at a thrift store a few years ago. I tied it to the roof of the car and drove home with my fingers crossed hoping it would fit our front door and with a little trimming, a little white paint ...adorable. Not sure if the red door would look good behind the white screen door.
I think I am brave enouph to paint my toenails red ,maybe...
So for all of you that know me this wasnt really fair because you know what my favorite color is and how many cans of white spray paint I own.
It is Labor Day weekend and we are off to enjoy the last days of summer fun on our boat.
Have a safe and funfilled 3 day weekend.