Ballet Slippers and a French Wire Basket

We were in beautiful Santa Barbara last weekend.
It was gorgeous weather and very fun shopping too.
I love the garage sales there. I always find pretty treasures.
I found these ballet slippers for $1
I also found a white slip and this french wire basket
love the wooden handle

I was so excited to get home and put the ballet slippers
up in my daughters room
I've been looking for ballet slippers for quite a long time.
I spotted them as we drove by the sale
and I jumped out of the car and the sweet girls who
were having the sale were so thrilled that I wanted them, it was fun.
When we got home
Everything ended up in a pile on the floor.
It looked so pretty I grabbed the camera to show you.
* A little tip*
Don't be afraid to make an offer when you are
buying things at garage sales and flea markets
I was able to buy all 3 items for 8 dollars
Happy White Wednesday


  1. Love that basket!! I've always had wicker baskets around and recently have grown fond of wire...who knows why?

  2. Hi Annette,
    I am in love with this basket too
    I am growing watermelon and tomatos and artichokes I am so looking forward to
    placing them in this basket
    too cute
    Thank you for for commenting


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