Is it Wednesday Already?

Who's That little Girl?
It's me with my Grandmother Margaret and My Mom Elizabeth.
I am obviously excited about my new purse and velvet dress. My Grandmother's necklace looks a little tight lol. Love my Moms gloves and the hairdos,I will have to ask my Mom if she is wearing a hat!!!!It was the 60's and perms were all the rage. Pictures are wonderful. I am so grateful to have this picture with the 3 of us. My love of purses obviously started early. Still love vintage purses. My Favorite is my very old Lois Vuitton speedy.
I got it new and still love it 20 some years later.

I love this picture of Audrey Hepburn looking fabulous with her LV speedy.

When we were in Paris at the Flea Markets the vintage LV's were soo expensive and very popular.I still have the lock and key and the sleeve my purse came in.
Amazing that Lois Vuitton started in France in 1854.
Still in style and beautiful.

Do you have a favorite purse?
This is my purse for fall again this year, it just seems to go with everything.
Happy Wednesday

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