*Living with Vintage Treasures*

The little Punch Bowl on the left is a new addition.

When I found it I knew it would look great

next to the large punch bowl on the buffet table in our dining room.
These vintage punch bowls are great containers

for shells & rocks from the beach, feathers, white star fish you get the idea.

These sterling silver napkin rings are too pretty

to hide away in a drawer. They add a little sparkle to the room

The little silver dome looks right at home too.

I don't like to buy beautiful treasures and then

hide them away in a drawer or cabinet where

I can't see them or use them.

In our home we use everything.

Out of sight out of mind

Not for me.

Nothing in our home is too precious

not to be used and enjoyed.

What do you have hidden away in your cabinets
that would look beautiful on your buffet or table?
Try putting the things you love
out for everyone to enjoy.




  1. Hi Pam, I, too, use things I love rather than hide them. My mom always used her good china and sterling silver for every day dishes. Life is too short to "wait"!

  2. Hi Annette,
    So True....
    We are Blessed to have each day the Lord gives us.


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