*Fall Decorating with Treasures*

Started Decorating for Fall .......

Don't you just love these
Vintage Binoculars

I found them at a
Flea Market in
Martha's Vineyard
The Pitchers were gifts from friends.
The one on the left is French Vintage Fabulous and
the one on the right is from Nordstrom's
Love the lemon and cherry pattern.
One old one new but pretty together
Don't you think?

This small leather carrier I found at a thrift store

It fits the small pair of binoculars


ven this small star fish looks at home

Love the memories that go with these binoculars.
Getting up early stomach filled with butterflies in
anticipation of the treasures to be found.

Everyone in the car, coffee in hand
so excited. I wanted to buy everything.

Love to treasure hunt.
Such fun.

It feels like fall here.
Very chilly and foggy.
Time for a cozy fire ,
to get the blankets out of the closet
time for a pot of tea.
Banana Bread in the oven yummy.....
Happy Monday

Blessings ,



  1. Hi Pam,
    I know that butterfly feeling well!
    Love your vintage binoculars....I have quite a few at the lake...and we use them too!
    Enjoy this beautiful fall season!

  2. Love You Laura
    We are kindred spirits
    I took the large vintage pair of
    binocs to a concert.LOL


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