*Romantic Decorating*

Hi All,

Thank you for your wonderful comments, You are all so much FUN

Are you a *Romantic* at Heart?

I am a born Romantic. Love LOVE..... ♥

I also love Decorating with Cloches.
love the little Vignettes you can put together.

Here is the Cloche in our Bedroom.
I have a Collection of Sterling Silver
Treasures that I have been collecting since I was 16
they are under this pretty etched cloche.
I also have some of my favorite necklaces
that I love to wear on top.
They are just too pretty to have hidden away.
I love how they look and this way I get to enjoy
them even if I am not wearing them.

I have a few cloches in the garden protecting the sweet pea seeds too.

Have a wonderful day


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