White Enamelware Buckets

These Two White Enamelware buckets are a favorite find.
I use them almost daily for laundry, storage, and even as a vase for flowers.
I love their wooden handles and adorable decals.
They usually sit next to the fireplace in the dining room
where they are easy to grab when we are on our way to the Beach.
They are great shell collecting buckets too.
These buckets were made to last forever
they are

Did you notice anything different above?

I finally figured out how to place my name on my pictures.

It only took me ALL DAY lol

But I did it.

My name could be be a little bigger

what do you think ?

I am thrilled with my first attempt.

This is a testament to never giving up, I am happy, grateful and tired.

I think I will try again tomorrow to see if I can make it just a little tiny bit bigger.

Would you leave it as it is? Let me know




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