Rusty Charm

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Thursday
Now that it is time to fertilize the soil 
and get ready for fall seeds to be planted in our vegetable garden
 I decided to have some fun with these metal garden markers 
 before they go back into the ground 
Truth be told
They were just too cute to have sitting in the greenhouse

Even though they are funky and rusty 
they sure do look adorable
and you can write on them with chalk
to leave little love notes all
 around the house

These garden markers are so much  fun to play with....
  I think I may need to buy a few more
 it will be hard to take them back outside again
re purposing funky rusty treasures
especially  from the garden
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romantic saying for today

"Is not a kiss the very autograph of Love"
Henry Finck



Catalina Cottage

Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday
This little cottage is only 850 square feet 
It is so tiny
We found it on one of our walks
 in Catalina when we were there for the Wedding

It is so cute
Look at the adorable details
Vintage windows and loads of charm
We ended up walking passed this tiny house everyday
{almost stalker status}
They have to cover the hydrangeas so the deer won't eat them
the deer even go onto the beach !!!!

the vintage screen door 
The owner saw me {again}  eyeing/stalking  her sweet cottage
and kindly asked if we wanted to see her backyard garden too
Of coarse we said 
YES !!!!!
and look what we found
the most amazing tree house 
I think the tree house is almost the same size as the main house
We could have moved in right there
 on the spot
We were so excited to get a peek at this adorable cottage and of coarse I forgot my camera ...
My handsome husband suggested I try taking a few pic's with my iphone
not the best pic's but not bad either

Have you ever stalked/admired someones cottage and walked  by it everyday taking pictures?
I hope the people were as kind as this owner was....
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romantic saying for today

Everyday I Love YOU



Vintage Pink

Hi Everyone
Happy Saturday
 Decorating with vintage pink
This adorable vintage pink stool has found it's way into the dining room
It has the prettiest vintage floral barkcloth seat

 It is very chippy, shabby and sturdy as can be
Built to last a lifetime...

We use this stool for everything from changing light bulbs
{ I wish I was taller}
to cleaning and dusting the chandeliers
our kitty Latte likes this stool too

When I found this stool I almost did not buy it
I walked past it looked at it and walked away, but a few minutes later I was still thinking about it 
{ it started haunting me}
Has this ever happened to you?
I could picture it in the house already 
I was very Lucky it was still there 
Usually when this happens the treasure is gone
My vintage shopping tip
If you like it buy it 
before someone else does!!!!

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romantic saying for today

"Many are the stars I see, but in my eye no star like thee"



Living a Grateful Life

Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
~Living a Grateful life~
Living grateful is to
look for the good in a situation
to see the good in others
to focus on the good that happens each day
Grace and gratitude go together like heaven and earth.
We taught our children very young
 to say what they were grateful for 
 Before dinner every night 
each family member
  say's what they have to be grateful for 
 for that day
Its starts a wonderful conversation about the good
 that is happening  in each of our lives
When they were really young our children would say one word grateful' s
our sons favorite grateful was for ketchup
{still makes me smile}
 As they  have matured their grateful' s have become more thoughtful
grateful for a good friend
grateful for a teachers kindness
grateful for health 
grateful for family
grateful to be all together

 When you are looking for the good in Life
 it's amazing how
it seems to find you

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romantic saying for today

"You are my beginning, my ending, my always"



Vintage Shopping Test # 11

Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday
Are you ready for another
 ~vintage shopping test~

Here are two
 different cloche/domes
One is brand new and the other one is a  real vintage treasure
The French developed the glass cloche , or bell jar, formed of a solid piece of glass shaped like a dome.
 The purpose was to protect an early garden plant from cold and frost

The first dome/cloche  has a ball top
 and a slender bell shape

The second dome/cloche has a ball top
 and a short round curved shape
 did you notice the ribbed detailing

Both of these domes/cloches
are pretty 
Do you think you know which one is the vintage treasure?

If you guessed the tall simple dome/cloche you are 
right !!!!
This cloche is a vintage European hand blown glass cloche bell jar worth
  $55 dollars

The shorter cloche/dome
 is a brand new reproduction
 and was only $7.99

How did you do
 did you guess right?
Please let me know.....

to collect and
decorate with domes/cloches
new and vintage

romantic saying for today
"Love conquers all things"



Sweet Alyssum

Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
There are moments in our lives that we remember forever.....
The firsts time I kissed my now  husband 
{it was in a park on my lunch hour as we ate sandwiches holding hands}
The first time I was called by my married name after our Wedding
{boarding a plane for our honeymoon}
The first time we held the keys to our first  home
{the house had so much potential}
These tiny  white flowers are called
~Sweet  Alyssum~
and they are the first flowers we planted as newlyweds

 They came in a six pack of seedlings
so we bought ten packs
and planted them in our front yard
We watered the Alyssum everyday
having no idea how tall they would get
 or how they would not last throughout the heat of the summer monthes
Our sweet neighbor who at the time was in her late 70's came over
 and asked me if I was planning on planting anything with the allysum
I must have looked surprised because she went on to explain in detail
 that this flower is used as a border plant
 not really a main attraction flower!!!!!
to cut a few flowers and put them in a pretty vintage pitcher
 this sweet white dainty flower will always
 remain a main attraction flower in my heart
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romantic saying for today

"There is no remedy for love but to love more"



Catalina Island Wedding

Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday
What a Blissful romantic week
filled with laughter and  happy tears
Family and friends
 and so much

The Wedding  Ceremony was at Saint Catherines Church
on Catalina Island

Remy and Beth 
Promising to Love, Honor and Obey
 In good times and bad
 In sickness and in health
 forsaking all others
 till death do they part

Their first
 as Husband and Wife
The Newlyweds going to the Reception
 in their decorated golf cart

A few pictures taken before
 going into the Reception

The flowers, the cake, the dress and most of all
The beautiful Bride and Groom
so in
 surrounded and supported by Family and friends
after all the planning and the excitement
 a joyful celebration
Seems like a beautiful dream
come true
there was {Love} everywhere
Grateful for such Joy
and Grace
a beautiful way to start their new life together as Husband and Wife......

romantic saying for today
"When two hearts intertwine to become one 
there lies a promise where all things are made possible"
Heather Berry



Happily Ever After

     Hi Everyone
   Happy Sunday
Just a glimpse of a Romantic weekend celebrating

More pictures to come
Have fun Remy and Beth in Tahiti !!!!!!!!
We Love You both

romantic saying for today

"I shall Love him till my dying day I am his and he is mine"



Vintage Wedding Basket

Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday

This week is filled with so much
 Family  is all together and everyone  is in a love bubble
Watching this young couple holding hands
 and all aglow is contagious....
The Wedding is this Saturday  
brings back so many memories of our
Wedding day
 I promised I would show you 
our Wedding Cake Topper
It was a beautiful Victorian
Glass Wedding Basket filled with flowers

It looked so pretty
 on top of our cake

 Every Anniversary my handsome husband
 brings me the same  roses and babies breath to put in our Wedding basket
I started collecting vintage Wedding baskets
 when I was in my teens
The white basket on the right is one of the
 smallest baskets that I have found
 The tall clear glass wedding basket on the left is one of the largest it stands 16 inches tall
  The women who sold me the  large basket  told me it had been in her family for 4 generations
 she was thrilled her basket would be part of a collection
Our built in china cabinet was the perfect place
 to put all the wedding baskets
 my husband laughed when I did not put them inside
 but on top

Vintage glass wedding baskets were passed down in a family
 from generation to generation

There are so many different colors and sizes but they all are a true
~romantic vintage treasure~

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romantic saying for today

"It is the true season of Love when we know that we alone can love
 that no one could ever have  loved before us 
and that no one will ever Love in the same way after us"