Vintage Wedding Basket

Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday

This week is filled with so much
 Family  is all together and everyone  is in a love bubble
Watching this young couple holding hands
 and all aglow is contagious....
The Wedding is this Saturday  
brings back so many memories of our
Wedding day
 I promised I would show you 
our Wedding Cake Topper
It was a beautiful Victorian
Glass Wedding Basket filled with flowers

It looked so pretty
 on top of our cake

 Every Anniversary my handsome husband
 brings me the same  roses and babies breath to put in our Wedding basket
I started collecting vintage Wedding baskets
 when I was in my teens
The white basket on the right is one of the
 smallest baskets that I have found
 The tall clear glass wedding basket on the left is one of the largest it stands 16 inches tall
  The women who sold me the  large basket  told me it had been in her family for 4 generations
 she was thrilled her basket would be part of a collection
Our built in china cabinet was the perfect place
 to put all the wedding baskets
 my husband laughed when I did not put them inside
 but on top

Vintage glass wedding baskets were passed down in a family
 from generation to generation

There are so many different colors and sizes but they all are a true
~romantic vintage treasure~

linking for White Wednesday

romantic saying for today

"It is the true season of Love when we know that we alone can love
 that no one could ever have  loved before us 
and that no one will ever Love in the same way after us"



  1. Lovelovelove the baskets it's such a romantic cake topper

  2. What a beautiful and love filled post! :D


  3. Pam, the basket filled with flowers make a perfect wedding cake topper. Very clever! I have a small group of these baskets. I didn't realize they were know as wedding baskets. Mine were passed down to me from my mom. I think perhaps one or more of these belonged to her mom. I featured three of mine in a post on May 9 on my blog.
    Enjoy the wedding festivities.......Sarah

  4. Enjoy the time with your family. I love your colleftion, sooo beautiful.

    ~ Lisa from Indiana ~

  5. Congratulations with your wedding occasion and the reception. Wedding is the beginning of real life challenge and adventure.

  6. What a beautiful collection of baskets!!! greetings from Poland! I love your blog!

  7. What a beautiful sentiment...we never know what is going to capture our heart and begin collecting...it really does speak to us, doesn't it. Nice to meet another SoCal girl. I am now a follower.

  8. I have one of these that was my grandmothers...I didn't know that it was called a wedding basket!

  9. Thank you for showing your vintage wedding baskets. I collect them, too. I have larger family ones but generally look for the small ones. I really enjoy your blog! I also love the French enamelware you collect. It is beautiful. Mary B.

  10. Your husband is too cute! I love your vintage wedding basket collection. :D What a neat item to collect! So sweet.


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