Living a Grateful Life

Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
~Living a Grateful life~
Living grateful is to
look for the good in a situation
to see the good in others
to focus on the good that happens each day
Grace and gratitude go together like heaven and earth.
We taught our children very young
 to say what they were grateful for 
 Before dinner every night 
each family member
  say's what they have to be grateful for 
 for that day
Its starts a wonderful conversation about the good
 that is happening  in each of our lives
When they were really young our children would say one word grateful' s
our sons favorite grateful was for ketchup
{still makes me smile}
 As they  have matured their grateful' s have become more thoughtful
grateful for a good friend
grateful for a teachers kindness
grateful for health 
grateful for family
grateful to be all together

 When you are looking for the good in Life
 it's amazing how
it seems to find you

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  1. Such a sweet post. Lovely tradition before mealtime. We should all try everyday to find something to be grateful for.....

  2. I'm grateful for you :)
    Good post!!!

  3. Pam---that is a great idea to encourage kids to think positively. We sit down to dinner and that keeps us close in itself but adding the "thankful" is what my family needs to do. Thank you!

  4. Lovely post! I try to remember to think about what I'm grateful for on a regular basis. There ae so many things, health and family being the most important, but sometimes its just sitting on a sunny patio eating a delicious salad!


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