Catalina Cottage

Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday
This little cottage is only 850 square feet 
It is so tiny
We found it on one of our walks
 in Catalina when we were there for the Wedding

It is so cute
Look at the adorable details
Vintage windows and loads of charm
We ended up walking passed this tiny house everyday
{almost stalker status}
They have to cover the hydrangeas so the deer won't eat them
the deer even go onto the beach !!!!

the vintage screen door 
The owner saw me {again}  eyeing/stalking  her sweet cottage
and kindly asked if we wanted to see her backyard garden too
Of coarse we said 
YES !!!!!
and look what we found
the most amazing tree house 
I think the tree house is almost the same size as the main house
We could have moved in right there
 on the spot
We were so excited to get a peek at this adorable cottage and of coarse I forgot my camera ...
My handsome husband suggested I try taking a few pic's with my iphone
not the best pic's but not bad either

Have you ever stalked/admired someones cottage and walked  by it everyday taking pictures?
I hope the people were as kind as this owner was....
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  1. Oh Pam, Catalina Island is one of the best places on earth!

    And owning a tiny cottage there with all those hydrangeas and a TREE HOUSE?

    Oh, be still, my heart!

    I *s* would be stalkin along with you two, I swear!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Such a beautiful cottage! I so don't blame you for stalking and admiring.

  3. coolest cottage tree house!!!!!lovelovelove

  4. It may be small, but it certainly has lots of charm, Pam! It's really gorgeous and I love all those details.

  5. I have stalked a house! One day the lady was working in her yard, I stopped and told her how much I loved her house, and without blinking an eye she said "well, let's go in and let you check it out" SHOCK!!! but that was so sweet of her, she took me thru every room and her back yard. It was as beautiful as I had imagined. We instantly became friends and I have been back several times, neat.

  6. How cute! What a nice homeowner to let you see the back garden!

  7. Hi Pam,
    That lil cottage is breathtaking, I would have been stalking it too!
    Just takes you back to another era and so refreshing...........and
    love the tree house, so nice the owner was so great about it.
    She probably gets people walking by all the time and snapping pics.
    Blessings, Nellie

  8. Ahhh, this is a sweet cottage. But the size is not tiny. I grew up in a family of six in a home the very same size as this cottage. Years ago the standard home size for families was well under one thousand sq feet. I recently sold my 2500 sq ft home and bought a 580 sq ft 100 yr old farmhouse. Many of my current neighbors had lived in my home throughout the years, way before I purchased it. They raised their families in my one bedroom little house. IT was back in a time when life was more simple and we surrounded ourselves with things we needed and used on a daily basis. I also have a very tiny 8'x18' tiny house that sleeps up to four people. Now that is very tiny but fully functional. Many people are selling their McMansions and going back to a more simple way of life with zero mortgages. Not such a bad way to live. I am a big fan of smaller homes that feel like a big hug to me. Thanks for sharing this sweet small home.


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