Vintage Shopping Test # 11

Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday
Are you ready for another
 ~vintage shopping test~

Here are two
 different cloche/domes
One is brand new and the other one is a  real vintage treasure
The French developed the glass cloche , or bell jar, formed of a solid piece of glass shaped like a dome.
 The purpose was to protect an early garden plant from cold and frost

The first dome/cloche  has a ball top
 and a slender bell shape

The second dome/cloche has a ball top
 and a short round curved shape
 did you notice the ribbed detailing

Both of these domes/cloches
are pretty 
Do you think you know which one is the vintage treasure?

If you guessed the tall simple dome/cloche you are 
right !!!!
This cloche is a vintage European hand blown glass cloche bell jar worth
  $55 dollars

The shorter cloche/dome
 is a brand new reproduction
 and was only $7.99

How did you do
 did you guess right?
Please let me know.....

to collect and
decorate with domes/cloches
new and vintage

romantic saying for today
"Love conquers all things"



  1. Love this idea! I guessed the tall one because the short one wouldn't be tall enough for plants to grow.

  2. I guessed by the color of the glass. The vintage one had a green tint so I thought that might be the older one. I don't know why... but it worked and I was right. {tee hee hee}

    ~ Lisa from Indiana ~

  3. I did guess correctly. I love when you do these posts, Pam. Your photos are gorgeous.♥

  4. Wow! I guessed correctly! I'm 2 for 2 - woo hoo! I need to make sure that I don't miss any - this is fun! Hugs, Leena

  5. Tall one. :-)
    Beautiful pictures. Always enjoy reading your posts.
    Cheers, Gee

  6. I love the cloches! Come over to see my post today, it's waaaay different...xxs

  7. i guessed right! love the domes! xoxo

  8. LOVE your cloches!!! I got it right! ^.^ But both are stunning!


  9. Love the cloches but really love and want the tall bell shaped one even tho it's out of my price range.
    I'm hoping someday they'll have one at our local thrift shop that I can afford.
    I was fortunate to find one similiar to shorter round one at our local thrift shop which I grabbed right away. I found a small short round one at same thrift shop couple weeks later. I use both frequently. My wish list would get me one of the tall ones.
    I like the ribbed detail on the shorter one you featured.

  10. I was wrong, so wrong :) I love it when you do these. I have a tall cloche from Pottery Barn that looks similar to your vintage one, which is why I thought the other one must be the vintage. Thanks for sharing!


  11. Pam, I guessed correctly, but this was a difficult one because cloches are so popular right now. I'm actually in the market for a cake dome. I broke the small one we had for some time.

  12. Lovely, I suspected as much. Been seeing some beautiful treasures here in England...and fairly cheap too. Just no easy way to get them back to Vancouver.
    Darn! :)

  13. I did.. I did pick the right one!! Woohoo! I guess from collecting them, myself, I have gotten an eye. I just adore cloches and feel that there are never enough. The shorter, ribbed one reminded me of one I saw in a Shabby Chic store while visiting in Newport Beach, CA. I bought it and it has its place right next to the others. Fits right in!! On my last vacation, I bought a tall, narrow cloche without the ball knob. You guessed it... I don't buy vintage but I still love them all the same!


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