Catalina Island Wedding

Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday
What a Blissful romantic week
filled with laughter and  happy tears
Family and friends
 and so much

The Wedding  Ceremony was at Saint Catherines Church
on Catalina Island

Remy and Beth 
Promising to Love, Honor and Obey
 In good times and bad
 In sickness and in health
 forsaking all others
 till death do they part

Their first
 as Husband and Wife
The Newlyweds going to the Reception
 in their decorated golf cart

A few pictures taken before
 going into the Reception

The flowers, the cake, the dress and most of all
The beautiful Bride and Groom
so in
 surrounded and supported by Family and friends
after all the planning and the excitement
 a joyful celebration
Seems like a beautiful dream
come true
there was {Love} everywhere
Grateful for such Joy
and Grace
a beautiful way to start their new life together as Husband and Wife......

romantic saying for today
"When two hearts intertwine to become one 
there lies a promise where all things are made possible"
Heather Berry



  1. Wow it looks absolutely beautiful.

  2. oh my goodness, those flowers are truly amazing!!!

  3. That is just the sweetest... :') I love the adorably touching post and the beautiful pictures you provided!!! :D Congratulations to the happy couple!


  4. Sooo lovely, Pam! It all looks divine! The flowers are stunning! What a blessed event! We married off the second and third of our 4 daughters in the Spring. Now they are both pregnant!! We'll have Happy New Year grandies! Too much fun!
    Thanks for sharing the joy!


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