Slice of Happiness

  Hi Everyone
 Happy Saturday
A Slice of Happiness
and a
Happily Ever After
We found the sweetest bridal shower gift at Wisteria in Dallas
 a few months ago this adorable  engraved cake server
The engraving says
"A Slice of Happiness"
 How fun to cut your cake with this server on your Wedding day
and have it forever more
Our God son is getting married on Catalina Island in August
So excited  and grateful to be a part of this wonderful celebration

 We are going  up to Santa Barbara today for the Bridal Shower
I am hoping they like the cake server and will enjoy it for their
 ~Happily Ever After~
We still use the cake server my Parents used on their Wedding day
 and gave to us at my bridal Shower to use on our Wedding day
a true family heirloom

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romantic saying for today

" Draw upon the Love you feel today
 and forever engrave it in your hearts"
Leslie Neilson



Vintage Wood Handles

Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday

 When Shopping for vintage treasures
 there are a few things that I always look for
to find anything that has a wood handle detail
like the handle on this vintage White Ironstone treasure 
it  is in great shape for its age
late 1800's
 This white enamelware  milk carrier with all its rusty charm 
has a simple wooden handle 
Because it was used outside 
the patina of the wood is lighter and less detailed

These Vintage enamelware buckets  have 
 fabulous wooden handles
The wood handles are a part of their charm
we actually use
 these vintage treasures everyday
The wood handle on this French wire basket 
Such a great design detail it is fun to
look for the wood details when shopping for Vintage Treasures
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romantic saying for today

"I love thee - I love thee,'Tis all that I can say
It is my vision in the night,My dreaming in the day"

Thomas Hood



Care of Vintage White Ironstone

Hi Everyone
Happy Monday
Many of you have asked how to care for 
 ~Vintage White Ironstone~
My first tip is
NO No No never put Vintage White Ironstone in the dishwasher 
To care for White Ironstone
 wash it the old fashioned way by hand 
it is alright to use dish soap 
If you have stains you can use a white based tooth paste and a tooth brush to scrub spots
Please Do Not use cleansers with bleach
on White Ironstone
There is a glaze coating on White Ironstone that will be removed if you do
{see the shine on the pitcher above}
The shine from the glazed coating is very important it protects the ironstone
and  is a beautiful part of your vintage treasure
If you want to lighten or sterilize your White Ironstone
please Do Not use Bleach
you can soak it in a mixture of  50 percent  hydrogen peroxide and water
let it soak for a few days and then dry it in the sun
this will safely whiten and sterilize your
 Vintage White Ironstone
Remember that your vintage White Ironstone
was made before dishwashers were invented 

I will be sharing more Vintage White Ironstone
tips each week

romantic saying for today
 "Even if the sun refused to shine Even if romance ran out of rhyme
You would still have my heart until the end of time"

Martina Mcbride



Decorating with Vintage

Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
Decorating with vintage treasures 
 re-purposing , recycling and using things in a unique way
This adorable aluminum grease container caught my eye right away
at a friends garage sale
the pretty turquoise top and the 95 cent price tag too
It will look great in the kitchen 
the fun part
 is to think out of the box to use your imagination and
 find other places in the house to use vintage treasures
Because most of us do not save grease any more for cooking
Useing this container as a vase
 for freshly cut flowers is a fun way to 
reuse and repurepose
This little pink bouquet is the perfect example
The aluminum grease container 
 could also be used for 
 cotton balls in the bathroom  as well as holding pencils on a desk...
The options are endless

What would you use it for in your home?

romantic saying for today
Without you, I am the sea without the swell, Hollow and empty, a mere shell”



Guest Cottage and a winner

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Thursday

We have friends
  staying in our guest cottage
Even though it is small it is filled with
The extra large comfy sofa bed
is popular during the summer months with friends and family

 We try to make our guests feel
By adding the
 little things such as fresh flowers
  candles, lots of pillows and a few books and magazines to read
we hope to make the cottage feel like
 a home away from home
A simple metal cabinet holds extra blankets
  a bar of soap, a few towels and
bottles of water
The great thing about the cottage is
 even though it is near the house 
it is very private
A special cottage for wonderful guests
speaking of feeling special
I am so grateful to all of you
 who entered the 
vintage tin heart giveaway
I enjoyed reading all of your sweet comments and meeting new friends too
 The winner is Kathy from
 Creative Home Expressions 

I will be selling  the tin  hearts in my online shop
 they are $45 dollars
  each one is one of a kind custom made

 Thank You all again for entering the giveaway
 I truly
 you all

romantic saying for today
"Home is where ever I am with you"



Driftwood Heart

  Hi Everyone
Happy Wednesday
 Happy First day of summer  !!!
Did you know that today is the longest day of the year
The summer solstice
Today is one of those days that we always try to celebrate as a family
 all together at the beach
 a day to collect driftwood, hunt for shells and swim in the sea
a day to wear our summer hats, put on sunscreen and enjoy
the warm sun
 to have shells all around the house
 They are wonderful  little treasures filled with memories
 of days spent together
 Today is also the last day to enter the
vintage tin heart giveaway
If you have not entered you still have time
The winner will be drawn tomorrow
click here to enter
Grateful  to all of you who have entered
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 romantic saying for today
"You cannot measure my Love for you"



A Summer Day

Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday
Today's gathering of freshly
cut flowers 
from the garden 
the hint of pink from the cabbage roses
 and the deep purple blue
 from the hydrangea
This pretty bouquet took on a life of its own
 when we opened the front door and a beautiful cool  breeze came
 through  the screen door
 causing some of the rose petals to cascade in a puddle

The birds were playing in the freshly filled
A great way to start this beautiful summer day
Don't you just {Love} summer
 Thank You all for entering the
 vintage tin heart giveaway

You still have time to enter click  here  
 the giveaway ends tomorrow
 June 20
 which is the official first day
of summer !!!!

romantic saying for today
"Tis true I love you and only you"



Vintage Charm

Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday
The clock is ticking......
There is still time for you to enter
 the vintage tin heart giveaway
ending June 20
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You know
I heart you all
This vintage white scale has just the right amount of chippy shabby
vintage charm
I am trying to decide if I really should keep it mmm....

 romantic saying for today
"You and I ,Thee and Me, Us and We" 


Vintage Cake Stands

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
Vintage Cake stands seem 
to be everywhere in 
our Home 
They are on shelves and 
counter tops
even stacked on top of each other
 in our kitchen cabinets
Some have  domes or cloches on top and
 some have adorable ruffled edges
Many of the vintage glass cake stands were given to me by my Grandmother
She made the most beautiful  and yummy cakes 
The cake stands are all different sizes, designs and shapes 
Most are vintage
I am not sure when this collection really started or that I even realized I had started a collection
 until the cake stands began to need more space in the kitchen 
and then they started to overflow through out the house
A Silver cake stand even sits on top of our stove
All of our cake stands get used especially during the holidays
and  for celebrations 
It is fun to hunt for usual vintage cake stands
 {I try to limit my collection to white, silver and clear glass}
pink would be pretty too!!!
~Do you have a treasure that you did not realize you were collecting 
until they took over your home too?~
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giveaway  ends June 20th 

romantic saying for today
"Remember tonight for it is the beginning of always"
Dante Alighieri



White Enamelware biggin

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
Have you ever tried to use a
 coffee biggin
Biggins are vintage enamelware drip coffee makers
 that originated in France 125 years ago
I know you all can see that this
 enamelware coffee biggin is not vintage
it is a reproduction
The ground coffee is put in the top container
 the little piece with the handle on it with holes is placed on top of the coffee
 add boiling hot water
the water then drips through the coffee into the pot

My sweet handsome husband found this coffee biggin for me
{ LOVE this man}
 so we thought it would be fun to try it out this morning
 let's just say we will stick to
  using our coffee biggin  for flowers
I think we need to do more research on the amount of coffee to water ratio ......
we are still laughing at the results
{coffee ground smiles}
This vintage enamelware white pitcher
 is holding a bouquet of  artichokes and roses
just picked from the garden this morning
a fun way to show you the artichokes
we will have for dinner tonight

 Its been a fun morning
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romantic saying for today
"Our Love is a journey that has no end"