A Summer Day

Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday
Today's gathering of freshly
cut flowers 
from the garden 
the hint of pink from the cabbage roses
 and the deep purple blue
 from the hydrangea
This pretty bouquet took on a life of its own
 when we opened the front door and a beautiful cool  breeze came
 through  the screen door
 causing some of the rose petals to cascade in a puddle

The birds were playing in the freshly filled
A great way to start this beautiful summer day
Don't you just {Love} summer
 Thank You all for entering the
 vintage tin heart giveaway

You still have time to enter click  here  
 the giveaway ends tomorrow
 June 20
 which is the official first day
of summer !!!!

romantic saying for today
"Tis true I love you and only you"



  1. A pretty bouquet and vignette. The bird bath is in a pretty spot in the garden. Enjoy the day! Pamela

  2. The flowers look gorgeous together, Pam! And you have the prettiest birdbath! I didn't know about your giveaway...how sweet! Please toss my name in the hat! :)


  3. Love your blue hydrangeas! Here in Mid-Missouri, it is quite difficult to grown anything other than a mint green hydrangea, even if the pot is marked, blue, pink, etc. Several of my friends and I have tried soil modifications of every kind...still, mint green fully bloomed hydrangeas. How we long for some pink and blue!

  4. What a pretty vignette, Pam! There's no better phrase than "summer afternoon"....! :) [Well....maybe "summer afternoon by the sea?....."] lol!

    xoxo laurie

  5. Pretty flowers, and your birdbath is so lovely! :D I just love summer....

  6. I decided to start at the bottom on the blog list and work up...so happy I did...your "todays gathering" stopped me in my tracks....and I immediately joined your blog..and then put an "AD" on my blog for yours...I have two blogs...come and see me when you have time.


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