White Enamelware biggin

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
Have you ever tried to use a
 coffee biggin
Biggins are vintage enamelware drip coffee makers
 that originated in France 125 years ago
I know you all can see that this
 enamelware coffee biggin is not vintage
it is a reproduction
The ground coffee is put in the top container
 the little piece with the handle on it with holes is placed on top of the coffee
 add boiling hot water
the water then drips through the coffee into the pot

My sweet handsome husband found this coffee biggin for me
{ LOVE this man}
 so we thought it would be fun to try it out this morning
 let's just say we will stick to
  using our coffee biggin  for flowers
I think we need to do more research on the amount of coffee to water ratio ......
we are still laughing at the results
{coffee ground smiles}
This vintage enamelware white pitcher
 is holding a bouquet of  artichokes and roses
just picked from the garden this morning
a fun way to show you the artichokes
we will have for dinner tonight

 Its been a fun morning
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romantic saying for today
"Our Love is a journey that has no end"



  1. Hiya Pam. No, I've never even heard of a coffee biggin before...I thought it must have been a typo lol! Anyway, it looks really cool with the flowers in it. You're lucky to have such a sharp eyed husband :)
    Cas x

    1. Hi cas
      LoveLoveLove your blog
      Thanks for the sweet comment
      Yes he is a keeper

  2. Pam, this is a cute post. I've never heard of a biggin. Looks perfect for flowers. ;-)

  3. I LOL'd when I read this post!!! I have never heard of a coffee biggin- but it IS our last name! Biggins!! so funny. I will have to share that with the family, I'm sure they've never heard of that before. I also think it's appropriate since my husband is a coffee addict. ;) Love this. Beautiful photos.

  4. I am a husband looking for a reproduction biggin for my wife. Have been looking for a couple of years to find a new one or one she could actually use. Where did he get it?

  5. From an old lady who grew up on "Dripolator" coffee - we still make drip coffee with a stainless steel pot I found in my hunting forays - but we use a paper filter! My mother's drip pot (china coffee pot with aluminum drip container) from the 1940's graces my refrigerator top. Ruth from Pennsylvania


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