Decorating with Vintage

Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
Decorating with vintage treasures 
 re-purposing , recycling and using things in a unique way
This adorable aluminum grease container caught my eye right away
at a friends garage sale
the pretty turquoise top and the 95 cent price tag too
It will look great in the kitchen 
the fun part
 is to think out of the box to use your imagination and
 find other places in the house to use vintage treasures
Because most of us do not save grease any more for cooking
Useing this container as a vase
 for freshly cut flowers is a fun way to 
reuse and repurepose
This little pink bouquet is the perfect example
The aluminum grease container 
 could also be used for 
 cotton balls in the bathroom  as well as holding pencils on a desk...
The options are endless

What would you use it for in your home?

romantic saying for today
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  1. I love using old things to decorate with. My mom had one of these grease things in our fridge when I was growing up. Yuck! lol I have my moms vintage aluminum strainer, and I put a plant in it. I also fastened a vintage aluminum coffee pot to a piece of wood, and put a plant in that too! the ideas are endless. If you like decorating with vintage things, check out Mamie Janes blog. she is a genious at figuring out how to use vintage things in a new way. Amazing! Thanks for sharing your pretty things.


  2. What a sweet idea! Love aluminum! You are a great photographer. I love the way you captured the reflection of beauty in the mirrors.

  3. HEH. What would we use it for in our home? That's easy. Hubs would use it for bacon grease - HE still saves it. Bleck, I know, don't get me started lol.

    He DOES keep it in the fridge though - as if that makes it ok lol.

    Neat item, actually.

  4. Pam, Beautiful website! I'm posting this here because it's your most recent post and thought maybe you'd be sure to see it sooner and respond. Don't know if you answer comments or not but thought I'd ask... regarding your very nicely adapted vintage door knobs as towel hooks in your bathroom... posted March of 2011... would you please share an explanation or tutorial on how you assembled these, the parts necessary, and how attached at an angle to the wall? I'd like to do a couple of these in my bathroom. I suppose we could figure it out, but any instructions you will share will be very helpful.

  5. I love those finds? Use it for? I have 4 aluminum canisters, flour, sugar well you know...all used for pretty sewing items!

  6. That is so darling! Who would have thought that a grease container could be so charming? I love it with the flowers in it! What would I use it for? Hmmm...flowers, maybe make a topiary to go in it, a candy jar, pet treat container, coffee or coffee filter holder...boy get me started and I can think of a ton of uses! My mom used to have a similar one. Now I'm going to have to be on the look-out for one myself! LOL! Thank you for sharing! Hugs, Leena

  7. That's a great container, Pam, and I love the blue knob on the lid. Gosh, could you imagine, saving grease today? Your pink flowers look great against the silver color. Depending on how big it is, maybe it could be used to hold cooking utensils near the stove or, if it's smaller, eating utensils.

  8. Sooo very pretty!! Oh my goodness I totally remember those grease containers on the kitchen counter ~

  9. Very pretty and practical. The flowers are beautiful. Blessings, Pamela

  10. Love the way you have used the grease canister. I have one like it with a red little knob on top. I, however, am the one who uses hers for grease. When I cook bacon or sausage, I save the grease in my little canister. I then use that wonderful fattening grease to cook my eggs in or even my gravy sometimes.

    I also love thinking outside the box, but this is one piece as use as is.

    Your whole little vignette is lovely.

  11. I remember my mom had one.She also used it for grease.
    Happy PS

  12. Beautiful photos! I love the little vintage mirrors!

  13. Absolutely gorgeous! Happy pink Saturday.

    Come and see my PINK entry, when you get a chance, thanks!

    PS.. I am now following your blog, it would be delightful if you can follow my family blog too, thank you!

  14. My Mom uses to have a container just like that. That brings back some great memories.

  15. Lovely flowers..

    Visiting for Pink Saturday- hope you can stop by..


  16. That is so pretty. Happy Pink Saturday.


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