Care of Vintage White Ironstone

Hi Everyone
Happy Monday
Many of you have asked how to care for 
 ~Vintage White Ironstone~
My first tip is
NO No No never put Vintage White Ironstone in the dishwasher 
To care for White Ironstone
 wash it the old fashioned way by hand 
it is alright to use dish soap 
If you have stains you can use a white based tooth paste and a tooth brush to scrub spots
Please Do Not use cleansers with bleach
on White Ironstone
There is a glaze coating on White Ironstone that will be removed if you do
{see the shine on the pitcher above}
The shine from the glazed coating is very important it protects the ironstone
and  is a beautiful part of your vintage treasure
If you want to lighten or sterilize your White Ironstone
please Do Not use Bleach
you can soak it in a mixture of  50 percent  hydrogen peroxide and water
let it soak for a few days and then dry it in the sun
this will safely whiten and sterilize your
 Vintage White Ironstone
Remember that your vintage White Ironstone
was made before dishwashers were invented 

I will be sharing more Vintage White Ironstone
tips each week

romantic saying for today
 "Even if the sun refused to shine Even if romance ran out of rhyme
You would still have my heart until the end of time"

Martina Mcbride



  1. Pam~
    I am not kidding when I tell you that I have two tureens in the dishwasher right this very minute... I painted my dining room and decided all my ironstone needed cleaning... oh my. why can't they go in??

    1. The dishwasher strips the glaze off
      Wash it by hand your ironstone will last forever!!

  2. Thanks for the tips Pam. I only have 2 pieces and always wash them by hand. Any stains give it character. Enjoy the day! Pamela

  3. I just bought some old Ironstone this weekend! Im glad I haven't put them into the dishwasher like I was planning on doing! Thanks for the peroxide tips, too!

  4. Pam, Thanks for the tips on caring for my ironstone. I have a lot of it and have always washed it by hand but I didn't know about hydrogen peroxide and the sun. I really enjoy reading your blog- it makes me happy to see someone else enjoying simple pleasures.

  5. Who knew?
    Thanks for the tips!!



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