Summer Decorating

Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
Decorating for summer
 is all about 
opening up the windows and doors lightening up 
 bringing the outside inside
 to have garden tools such as
~vintage watering cans~
 handy to water thirsty plants
Vintage Watering cans are placed through out our house
in every room
and are a helpful  reminder to water often
Here they are on a ledge in the kitchen
 This vintage European watering can is a favorite
 it holds so much water and is so easy to handle
it sits on a chair in the dining room
Watering cans of every shape and size
even look beautiful as a vase for flowers
from the garden
This baby blue vintage watering can
works great for watering
all of our very thirsty indoor ferns
and plants
More watering cans outside too
This adorable vintage watering can came
  from Laura at 52 Flea

 It is one of my favorites
No matter where you place watering cans in your home
{yes even in the dining room}
 they always seem to look
fabulous and functional
Vintage watering cans are
 a quick and easy way to add a little summer decor to your home
 ~Happy Summer~
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My Romantic Home

romantic saying for today
"Life is paradise for those who Love with a passion"
Leo Buscaglia



Cottage Charm

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
One of the first things we did when we bought 
our Home was put 
a screen door on our front door
 It came from a old house in Irvine California that was being torn down
I strapped the screen door to the top of my car with bungee cords
 {always handy to have in the car}
 and kept my fingers crossed it would fit the front door 
so grateful it fit with just minor trimming
having the door open on warm sunny days
 we all enjoy the view of the front yard  and the addition of the cool breeze 
that flows through the house
There are white popcorn roses growing 
on a vintage rusty garden rose support
The rose smells so great filling the house with its intoxicating aroma 
Our kitty patiently waiting for me to open 
the screen door to go outside
This vintage screen door adds a cottage charm 
to our home
So grateful it fit!!
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romantic saying for today
"You are my north and south my east and west my working week and my Sunday rest"



Vintage Marketplace

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday
Can you feel it too
it is almost here
Time to start thinking about summer fun
 sunscreen, picnics

 Also time for fabulous flea market shopping
This Friday June 1 and Saturday June 2 is the 
 Vintage Marketplace 
 at the Oaks in Rainbow California  with
  the super talented Rita from Mamabellearte and Chrsitie Repassy 
both of these women are talented friends both
amazingly sweet and their show is gorgeous 
with over 35 vendors it will be a great place to look for vintage treasures

I hope you get a chance to see all the wonderful vintage treasures too
and be sure and tell them you heard about it here at
White Ironstone Cottage

romantic saying for today
"Each time YOU happen to me all over again"
Edith Wharton



Smell the Roses

Hi Everyone
Happy Friday
We Live near the beach in Southern California
being able to
 take walks barefoot in the sand
even on a cloudy day
hold hands
collect shells and watch the sunsets
Last night  the sky was a beautiful painting
 filled with  light and colors that  simply
took our breath away
We have a saying  in our family that for each sunset we watch
 it adds another day to our life
I know that stopping to look at the beauty that surrounds us 
brings  us joy and peace
Surround your life with beauty 
Don't be afraid to take the  time to
 smell the roses along the way
or watch a sunset
 hold hands
I Hope you get the chance to see the beauty around you
 to open your eyes and your hearts to
 the joy of each moment to
know that
Life is a beautiful gift
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romantic saying for today
"May your roads be paved with kindness and your lives be filled with peace"



Vintage Shopping

Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
Shopping for vintage treasures is so much fun
 to travel to
 I did not get to go this year and I heard it
it rained quite a bit
and Round Top
one of the BEST places to hunt for treasures 
there is always so much to see
But sometimes it is fun to look for treasures 
right here at home too
I have to admit I have found some of my favorite things
 at the strangest places
 including the side of the road 
This beautiful sheet of vintage tin was a recent find
Found it for $5 dollars
at a Thrift shop
I was dropping off donations and just had to go take a peek
The people  running the shop were going to throw it away
 they were upset there was so much rust
I offered to buy it 
I saw them shaking their heads as I walked out of the store
They even asked me what I was going to do with it
There were so many visions in my head
  it would make beautiful frames, even little cut out hearts
when we got home  I sat it by the entry table
 and you guessed it....
Just look how  pretty it looks
 its been there ever since
What would you do with this sheet of tin?
Rusty vintage charm
with the most fabulous flower design and
it was already white and wonderful

Shopping for vintage is a treasure hunt
it is always fun to see what treasures you will find
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romantic saying for today
"Give all to Love Obey thy heart"
Ralph Waldo Emerson



Vintage Treasures

Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday
These  vintage treasures we use everyday
Yes we really do use all of our vintage things
from our White Ironstone pieces
 to this fancy sterling silver serving fork 
and  spoon
We use the spoon to measure out coffee every  morning
and the fork for serving
 fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden
Vintage treasures that are just to pretty 
to sit hidden away in a drawer

 I buy vintage not just because it is pretty 
but because it is useful too
Don't be afraid to use the vintage treasures that you 
Do you have vintage treasures 
sitting in a drawer  somewhere not being used
 hidden away?
Get them out of the drawers 
dust them off
put pretty flowers in them
 Have Nothing in your home that is not beautiful or useful!!!!

romantic saying for today
"Thou art the book,The library whereon I look"
Henry King



Home grown

Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday
Yummy and
 delicious fresh home grown fruit
 Even though it is only May 
 apples are starting to appear on our trees
Last year we had a bumper crop of apples
We had so many we made homemade apple sauce and  fabulous apple crisp
baked apples
{my Grandmothers recipe}
 and this year
We are going to make fresh pure apple juice 

 this  vintage one quart apple juice glass bottle 
look at the adorable apples on the label
and the wavy glass
Glass bottles are so much better for storage than plastic
{no plastic containers in France everything is in glass} 
We have removed all of the plastic containers in our home
so when I found this glass bottle I knew it would be perfect for our apple juice
We are growing two different varieties of apples
 our daughters favorite are granny smith 
{which I did not know was granny smith when we first bought the house
 and could not understand why they were not getting ripe and turning red}
Do you have a favorite apple?
  The taste of  home grown apples and oranges is so different
 than store bought 
they are
yummy ,sweet , juicy and FRESH 
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romantic saying for today
 "This is happiness to be dissolved with your Love"



Pink Daisy's

Hi Everyone
Happy Saturday 
Is this urn too rusty for the
 dining room table?
Pink Daisy's
in a vintage Rust covered urn
adding a rustic romantic elegance
 Daisy's are  such sweet romantic flowers
Do You remember pulling the petals off  a daisy one by one
He loves me
He loves me not....
You know you are a romantic at heart
if you do
I can't walk through our dining room with out picking
a daisy
well you know the rest ........
I have a feeling I will not get much accomplished this weekend
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romantic saying for today
"Nothing is impossible to a willing heart"




Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
This week is so special
a milestone
Our Son is graduating from High School 
Here I am {second from the left}in his HUGE Lettermen's jacket with all of the
 Senior Moms for last nights Senior presents for the
 Varsity baseball team

I just wanted you all to know why I have not been able to 
respond to your thoughtful comments
I am grateful for every one
I promise I will reply
when this wonderful whirlwind subsides
Along with baseball games
and sending out graduation announcements
{ and trying not to get too weepy}
We have been unpacking the first shipment of treasures from the Country Living Fair
So many fabulous White Ironstone pieces
I admit I  have a passion for
~White Ironstone~
{some might call it an obsession?}
Will be pricing and adding some new treasures to
the online shop this weekend

romantic saying for today
"Familiar acts are beautiful through Love"