Vintage Treasures

Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday
These  vintage treasures we use everyday
Yes we really do use all of our vintage things
from our White Ironstone pieces
 to this fancy sterling silver serving fork 
and  spoon
We use the spoon to measure out coffee every  morning
and the fork for serving
 fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden
Vintage treasures that are just to pretty 
to sit hidden away in a drawer

 I buy vintage not just because it is pretty 
but because it is useful too
Don't be afraid to use the vintage treasures that you 
Do you have vintage treasures 
sitting in a drawer  somewhere not being used
 hidden away?
Get them out of the drawers 
dust them off
put pretty flowers in them
 Have Nothing in your home that is not beautiful or useful!!!!

romantic saying for today
"Thou art the book,The library whereon I look"
Henry King



  1. Pam,

    That is SUCH good advice!

    Thank you for such a smart post/reminder!!

  2. I love your stuff...and you forgot...it all makes such a pretty blog!

  3. Yes! I always thought I was using my things and then I realized I really was holding back some things. So I'm making it a point to get everything out and use it ALL. Old things really are more beautiful. Especially old silver like your fork!

  4. You got a very beautiful and elegant blog here. Loved this space.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  5. your blog is FABULOUS, pam! found you via the blog hop xo love how feminine it is!

  6. I so agree, why leave all those things hidden away and never in use?! I love the Henry King quote!


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