Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
This week is so special
a milestone
Our Son is graduating from High School 
Here I am {second from the left}in his HUGE Lettermen's jacket with all of the
 Senior Moms for last nights Senior presents for the
 Varsity baseball team

I just wanted you all to know why I have not been able to 
respond to your thoughtful comments
I am grateful for every one
I promise I will reply
when this wonderful whirlwind subsides
Along with baseball games
and sending out graduation announcements
{ and trying not to get too weepy}
We have been unpacking the first shipment of treasures from the Country Living Fair
So many fabulous White Ironstone pieces
I admit I  have a passion for
~White Ironstone~
{some might call it an obsession?}
Will be pricing and adding some new treasures to
the online shop this weekend

romantic saying for today
"Familiar acts are beautiful through Love"



  1. you look adorable!
    Congrats :)
    White ironstone is beautiful too

  2. You are so pretty!

    And you are simply SWIMMING in that varsity jacket of your son's!

    I wish him the very best for his future.

    And, well, your ironstone is just plain awesome!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. that white ironstone is wonderful but you already knew that

    I just sold about 23 pieces I have had for over 20 years , i decided I would stick to transferware

  4. What a great shot ~ you are beaming!
    Congratulations...my son is graduating too!!!


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