Vintage Shopping

Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
Shopping for vintage treasures is so much fun
 to travel to
 I did not get to go this year and I heard it
it rained quite a bit
and Round Top
one of the BEST places to hunt for treasures 
there is always so much to see
But sometimes it is fun to look for treasures 
right here at home too
I have to admit I have found some of my favorite things
 at the strangest places
 including the side of the road 
This beautiful sheet of vintage tin was a recent find
Found it for $5 dollars
at a Thrift shop
I was dropping off donations and just had to go take a peek
The people  running the shop were going to throw it away
 they were upset there was so much rust
I offered to buy it 
I saw them shaking their heads as I walked out of the store
They even asked me what I was going to do with it
There were so many visions in my head
  it would make beautiful frames, even little cut out hearts
when we got home  I sat it by the entry table
 and you guessed it....
Just look how  pretty it looks
 its been there ever since
What would you do with this sheet of tin?
Rusty vintage charm
with the most fabulous flower design and
it was already white and wonderful

Shopping for vintage is a treasure hunt
it is always fun to see what treasures you will find
linking for White Wednesday

romantic saying for today
"Give all to Love Obey thy heart"
Ralph Waldo Emerson



  1. love the tin! i want that on my cieling.. :)

  2. So beautiful...it makes a lovely back drop!
    I also love those little mirrors!

  3. It gives me the shivers! It's a wonderful find. I would use it just as it is. Just like you!

  4. Beautiful Blog....love the new hammock, so pretty. I'm your newest follower!


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