Smell the Roses

Hi Everyone
Happy Friday
We Live near the beach in Southern California
being able to
 take walks barefoot in the sand
even on a cloudy day
hold hands
collect shells and watch the sunsets
Last night  the sky was a beautiful painting
 filled with  light and colors that  simply
took our breath away
We have a saying  in our family that for each sunset we watch
 it adds another day to our life
I know that stopping to look at the beauty that surrounds us 
brings  us joy and peace
Surround your life with beauty 
Don't be afraid to take the  time to
 smell the roses along the way
or watch a sunset
 hold hands
I Hope you get the chance to see the beauty around you
 to open your eyes and your hearts to
 the joy of each moment to
know that
Life is a beautiful gift
linking at My Romantic Home
romantic saying for today
"May your roads be paved with kindness and your lives be filled with peace"



  1. the guest house looks FAB! wow so romantic chic!
    love the flowers and can't wait to walk that beach next week!

  2. These are such serene a beautiful images. That entry table is just captivating!

  3. Gorgeous photos, that beach sunset is incredible, nature awes!!!

  4. aren't roses, all flowers really not perfection?

  5. Lovely thoughts and lovely photos.


  6. Amazing beauty in this post. Gorgeous beachy sky.
    Beautiful words to live by!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. That beach photo is fantastic. There is so much beauty in the photos and the words in this post. Love it.

    Have a great weekend

  8. Beautiful images Pam! Have a great long weekend. Ciao Rita

  9. You are so very blessed to be able to watch those sunsets over the ocean, Pam. God's beauty in action. ♥ LUV your guesthouse decor, too! So sweetly shabby chic! :) Have a fabulous holiday weekend, sweetie!

    xoxo laurie

  10. I wish I lived near the beach, so beautiful! Stopping by from the Networking Blog Hop...I am your newest follower! I would love if you would check out my blog and if you like what you see please follow back :)
    Modern Modest Beauty

  11. You have helped me escape the rain in the Northwest, beautiful. Thank you :) Tanya

  12. We used to live out in East county of San Diego. Our daughter lived in DelMar for awhile. Seeing that pic of the ocean sure made me homesick for the ocean.I'm a water nut so used to take kids to beach alot. It is beautiful there. We've lived in alot of places,each one had it's own beauty. Now we live in western CO. but have lived in AZ, San Diego, MT, KY, now Co. Love your blog, my first time tonight. I'll be subscribing. =Want to visit often.

  13. Hello Pam
    What a beautiful world we live in. Sometimes I think we forget what is really important in life. Thank you for this beautiful reminder.


  14. Such a lovely post and blog!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  15. Beautiful photos - can't believe that's your sky in that photo - wow. Stunning. Love the link photo you used off Beverly's blog. Enjoyed the visit! Lovely pinks - and great sentiments.

  16. i love the pink roses.

    Please come and link at my Color Connection meme through my PINKentry, hope you'll join the fun!

  17. Hello, I live in Brazil, I have a blog, which is the http://brechozindanil.blogspot.com.br. From thrift store in name only because I love vintage, retro. I love meeting people and making new friends.
    I was in love with your blog ... the roses are beautiful, beautiful ... I would ask your permission for me to use the 1st and 3rd photos from your blog, there in my. Give due credit image, as I have done postings of images that are not my own. Can I count on your visit and your authorization?

    A hug,


  18. Sigh.

    Don't let my daughter see this post - she moved back to Ohio recently from 7 years living near the water in SoCal and she would weep over that beach shot.

    It is STUNNING.

    Love this post, you are SO RIGHT. And your pics are so gorgeous!

  19. HPS! 4th Year!

    Love your decor!


  20. Hi Pam! I found you at Pink Saturday's Party. You have such a lovely blog! Thank-you for adding beauty with your beautiful pictures and your uplifting words. Denise englishpurpleribbon.blogspot.com/

  21. We also live on the beach in southern California and were watching the sunset. Not only was the sunset spectacular, we got a whale and dolphins too.

    Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend!

  22. Hi Pam. I happened to see your blog name in Cabin & Cottage's blog list and thought I'd pay you a visit. I love your blog and am going to follow you. You and I have the same name. I go by Pam but sign my blog as Pamela. ;) I live on the other side of the continent in Canada and I love the sea and vintage decor. I hope you'll stop by. Blessings, Pamela

  23. Your pictures are always so pretty. I love all the flowers. The pinks are just so spring and perfect.

  24. Happy Pink Saturday, Pam. I am so glad you shared this post for our Fourth Birthday Celebration. I appreciate you always making Pink Saturday special.

    Your photo of that sunset is breathtaking. You are so good to share the beauty in your life.♥


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