Celebrating 4th of July

Here are some wonderful pictures of Matildas sale last week. It was a wonderful show filled with lot's of patriotic red, white and blue.As always there were so many beautiful treasures and they were all fabulously displayed. Here is the entrance that set the tone for the whole show..
I could not believe how adorable everything was. The flowers, the stars the colors all inspirational.

I am so grateful to live in the United States of America.
I am grateful for our freedom. I am grateful for the men and women who are fighting and have fought for our freedom
I am grateful we are the land of the free and the home of the brave.
God Bless America.


Happy White Wednesday

Happy White Wednesday
These are flowers from my garden. I know that this is suppose to be a "White Wednesday" post and if you look real close you will see the White enamelware holder I used as a vase for the flowers. We put hydrangeas, breath of heaven, a pink rose and purple jacaranda tree flowers together.
I found the enamelware holder at a garage sale and instantly thought how cute it would look with flowers. Not sure what it is really for it has three levels and 3 cut out holes on each level. I found some test tubes that fit to hold the water in each of the cutouts.

My Daughter and I had so much fun picking the flowers and arranging them for this post.I will cherish the memory of today and remember the fun we had when she leaves for her sophomore year of college next month. Blessings, Pam


Barefoot Crossing

I can't believe I am showing you my bathroom!! Nothing really fancy here just a barefoot crossing with sandy feet to get to the smallest bath tub ever built and a funky little window in the shower.
This is actually what we call the middle bathroom because you see we only have 2 bathrooms. I have to say having 2 bathrooms and learning to share was great for my daughter she was used to sharing a bathroom when she went away to college.
Many of you know that this house was built in the 70's and it has alot of quirky
70's design elements. Can you believe they did not build a guest bathroom in this house?
So we are planning on adding a new guest bathroom .
Most new houses have a bathroom for every bedroom and then a guest bathroom too. Not this house.
I can't wait to see how the new bathroom turns out. It will be wonderful to see all the dreaming come together. I have torn out pictures and circled faucets pedestal sinks and carrera marble. What fun. Just wish I could fold my arms blink my eyes like I Dream of Jeannie and poof it was DONE.


Seashells Everywhere

Summer is here and the Seashell bucket has filled to overflowing with beautiful shells.I lovelovelove the BEACH and some how I end up with a bucket full of shells at the end of every beach day.I am always looking for fun ways to display the shells around the house. I tuck them in almost everything. The front door wreath and even the lantern on the patio. I collect the shells and when I get home I have to wash each one and marvel at the colors and the shapes. They are treasures to me. They always bring back great memories of family summer fun. I hope you are all having a wonderful summer too.

I am looking forward to 4th of July !!!!
Fireworks, food and family fun.


*Vote for Debi to have her own show on Oprahs new network*

This is Debi Beard full of talent and a super sweet friend too.
She has sent in a funny and charming audition tape
to have her own show on OPRAHs new network.
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You can also visit her blog The Mermaids Mercantile and her store Out of the Blue in Solana Beach. Oprah is going to LOVELOVELOVE Debi and you will too.
Don't forget to VOTE.


French Larkspurs White Ironstone

Hi Everyone,
Can You spot the WHITE IRONSTONE in these gorgeous pictures?

I am thrilled to share these pictures with you.
They are from Tracey at
French Larkspur
You must visit her blog.
Simply gorgeous pictures.
I LOVELOVELOVE the way she has decorated with White Ironstone.

My favorite is the White Ironstone plates stacked on the cake plate under the cloche.
(the windows are amazing too)!! and the little White Ironstone pitcher looks right at home in the metal basket.
I linger on her blog it is like reading a beautiful magazine.
Thank You so much Tracey for permission to share your gorgeous pictures and for the
lovely way you decorated with white ironstone.




Dreamy Kitchen with White Ironstone

I have been collecting White Ironstone for over 30 years I found my first piece when I was 12 years old
Even though each piece is a treasure I use it every day. Love the crazing of old ironstone no two whites are the same
My favorite piece is the pitcher I found in a atelier in France a few years ago
It sits on top of my dining table most of the time filled with flowers.

Thanks to a wonderful new friend and blog follower Cheri who sent me this picture of her dream kitchen from Country Living magazine.
I love how the White Ironstone is part of the decor. So crisp and clean.
The Island is awesome with the tin and the butcher block top. The open shelves are great for displaying cute found treasures.LoveLoveLove the look.I can't wait to see how your house turns out Cheri. Don't forget to send me pics of your kitchen when it is done.
If you collect white ironstone please send me your pictures
I would love to see how you decorate with white ironstone


*Send me your White Ironstone Pic's*

I am always so Amazed and in awe at how talented and creative you all are.
I would lovelovelove to showcase your creativity here at White Ironstone Cottage.
If you have White Ironstone in your home. Snap a picture and send it to me. I will post it here on my blog.
Decorating with White Ironstone is timeless. It goes with every decor. It is clean, beachy, shabby chic, farm fresh, modern, vintage, french country,Swedish and more.
Best of all it is useful too.
My email is countrydays1@gmail.com.
I can't wait to see your pic's !!


A flower for a fox

These foxgloves are gorgeous. I am so happy when they pop up and start blooming year after year. They remind me of when my beautiful daughter was little. We would plant flowers in the garden and I would tell her all of the names of the flowers.Foxglove was a favorite.
I wouldn't let her plant the foxgloves even with gloves on because they are poisonous and I was worried about her putting her hands in her mouth or worse eating a flower petal. So I told her they were foxgloves and not to touch them and she just looked at me in amazement and wonder. Later at dinner she was telling her younger brother about the foxgloves. I heard her say. Mommy and I planted fox gloves today I wonder how the fox gets the petals to stick to its paws??They both looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders not wanting to ruin a fun moment. We all laugh about it now. To this day my daughter loves foxgloves too. The magical memory included.