Happy White Wednesday

Happy White Wednesday
These are flowers from my garden. I know that this is suppose to be a "White Wednesday" post and if you look real close you will see the White enamelware holder I used as a vase for the flowers. We put hydrangeas, breath of heaven, a pink rose and purple jacaranda tree flowers together.
I found the enamelware holder at a garage sale and instantly thought how cute it would look with flowers. Not sure what it is really for it has three levels and 3 cut out holes on each level. I found some test tubes that fit to hold the water in each of the cutouts.

My Daughter and I had so much fun picking the flowers and arranging them for this post.I will cherish the memory of today and remember the fun we had when she leaves for her sophomore year of college next month. Blessings, Pam

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  1. Dearest Pam, Thank you for such a sweet post!!! appreciate the thoughtful wishes..It was such a fun learning experience just to diy my own audition!You would of been giggling the whole time.
    Your a dear Friend Always,
    Love xoxo,Gail


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