A flower for a fox

These foxgloves are gorgeous. I am so happy when they pop up and start blooming year after year. They remind me of when my beautiful daughter was little. We would plant flowers in the garden and I would tell her all of the names of the flowers.Foxglove was a favorite.
I wouldn't let her plant the foxgloves even with gloves on because they are poisonous and I was worried about her putting her hands in her mouth or worse eating a flower petal. So I told her they were foxgloves and not to touch them and she just looked at me in amazement and wonder. Later at dinner she was telling her younger brother about the foxgloves. I heard her say. Mommy and I planted fox gloves today I wonder how the fox gets the petals to stick to its paws??They both looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders not wanting to ruin a fun moment. We all laugh about it now. To this day my daughter loves foxgloves too. The magical memory included.

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  1. Hi sweet friend,
    I love foxgloves too... I love your daughters story telling of the fox paws :)I also love bells of Ireland and delphiniums :) I hope you had a great weekend.



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