Vintage enamelware

Hi Everyone
 Happy Saturday
So many times when we pack up all the Christmas stuff 
and start to put it all away in the rafters 
 we find boxes that are not marked
This is when the fun begins
We always bring the boxes down and slowly open each one to see what is inside
 Sometimes its a bust , the box is just full of
old tax receipts ....... 

And Sometimes we open a box full of forgotten treasures
This morning we found two unmarked boxes
 look what was inside the first box
This beautiful vintage enamelware bread tray 
along with a few more treasures 
 Pretty sure the vintage tray ended up in the wrong box
 because it was NOT marked !!!!
so you all can guess what we are doing this weekend
We are opening up ALL the boxes and MARKING them 

Double checking to be sure we have the
  Christmas stuff marked Christmas
the Easter stuff marked Easter
 and the tax receipts marked tax receipts
you get the idea 

This is one of those 
"We should do that someday"
 ideas that has been fun to finally do
we have had a blast looking at boxes filled with old pictures and our children's school art work,
a box filled with handsome husbands old baseball caps
and even a box of Christmas tree lights that we thought we had lost a few years ago
{that box was  just marked " stuff "} 

This has been such a fun Saturday treasure hunting in our very own garage
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romantic saying for today

"I'll never forget a single moment of you and me” 



  1. Just love, love the metal chair. What a treasure!

  2. What a beautiful enamel tray!How fun treasure hunting in your own home!I have been cleaning and organizing too!

  3. What fun to find something you had long forgotten. ;-) I've been labeling my boxes the past couple of years as I pack things up each season. We have one of those nifty label makers, so I type out specific items so the boxes have a basic list of what's inside. It has really helped keep me organized and make putting things away easier too.

  4. It's so pretty! What fun. I love finding new old stuff around the house.


  5. So pretty! Have fun unpacking all your treasures and getting organized at the same time!

  6. love the enamel!...reminds me of FRANCE! xo

  7. What a beautiful bread tray you found tucked away! :)

  8. Oh, but what a nice surprise. Your tray is a beauty, Pam.

  9. A fun surprise. My Christmas boxes are always a surprise when they are opened.
    xo Jeanne

  10. How fun to find such a treasure.
    It is so pretty.


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