Vintage Shopping Test #16

Hi Everyone 
Happy Tuesday
Are you ready to test your
 vintage shopping skills

Here are two very beautiful glass butter dishes 
Both have a classic design and shape 
One is a real vintage treasure and one is a brand new reproduction

Many of you asked me about the butter  dish in the picture above
As you can see this butter dish has a very large dome cover
a traditional BUTTER mark on the top and don't you just
 the scroll filigree on the sides

This butter dish is very elegant it has a faceted design
 that catches the light and very sturdy thick pressed  glass

The faceted pattern is on both the bottom and the cover of the butter dish

Do you think you know which butter dish
 is the vintage treasure worth $55 dollars
and which one is the reproduction that cost $19.99

Is it the one on the left with the faceted design
or the one on the right with the high dome cover

If you chose the faceted pressed glass butter dish you are
 it is the real vintage treasure worth $55
This butter dish is a fabulous reproduction and is available at Amazon.com
click { Butter Dish }
 for only $19.99

How did you do
 did you pick the vintage treasure
 please leave me a comment and let me know

romantic saying for today

"Your kisses are always the sweetest"



  1. Hi Pam! My guess was the faceted pressed glass as you never see them anymore unless at an auction or tag sale. The other lovely butter dish,people are trying to revive the old and do great job of it,but the glass was to perfect. That was fun,and they are both lovely,you must enjoy them very much.Take care!

  2. I got it correct! I LOVE them both! :)

  3. Hi Pam.. I did it!! The Wexford glass one. I have been looking for one. I have a lot of Wexford pieces as they remind me of my Grandmother.Keeping my eyes pealed for the vintage....
    Cheers, Gee

  4. I couldn't play... this time anyway... LOL. (tee hee hee) Yes, I love your butter dishes.

    ~ Lisa from Indiana ~

  5. I love these butter dishes. Isn't it funny how simple sweet little things like these butter dishes grab hold of us. Sometimes it is the little things that bring us such joy.

  6. Both of these are gorgeous. I picked the pressed glass one. I love your vintage shopping tests. So fun.

  7. I picked the right one! Both are pretty pieces. Your vintage tests are fun and make me think. ;-)

  8. I cheated, I knew which one was the vintage as I have one I've had for too many years to even remember. I do love the repro one tho. Would love to find one like that.
    Besides the butter dish I have a creamer bowl and salt/pepper shakers. Why I've held onto them for so long who knows but something wouldn't let met get rid of them any time we moved or cleaned out cupboards.
    Love your little shopping tests. Good for our noodle.

  9. Yea! I guessed right. I have one like the true vintage one. Does that mean I cheated? LOL!

  10. I never knew the background on the faceted butter dish. I own one but had no idea it was vintage or its value. Enjoyed your quiz. I have owned it for many years and had to share its history with my daughter.


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