White Ironstone

Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
This tiny vintage White Ironstone creamer
 is the perfect vase
 to hold these even smaller Cecille Brunner rose buds
 Cecille Brunner rose buds have the most
glorious and pungent fragrance

It makes the whole house smell
like a rose garden with just these tiny buds
 We planted this rose bush last year
 and I  imagined how it might look growing along our white picket fence
It is growing so well and
 smells even better than I had  imagined
 How wonderful to  be able to bring
the outside inside
 Here is a picture of our wonderful pug Finley
peeking through the picket fence
yes that is his happy face
 Can't wait to have the trailing rose bush grow even further
 along the fence and surround the whole house
with all of its  beauty and fragrance

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I am so excited and grateful to be invited to attend the
~Country Living fair in Austin~
Let me know if you are going too I would be thrilled to say Hi to you in person

romantic saying for today
"It is in the quiet moments that our hearts can truly hear each other"


Shoe Love

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday

Don't  you
 these adorable vintage shoes
  Vintage bronze baby shoes are hard for me to pass up at any sale
It was very popular in the late 40's early 50's to bronze your child's first pair of shoes
a traditional way to preserve  the memory of your babies first steps
Some bronzing company's even date back to the late 30's
It is becoming popular again to bronze babies shoes
but did you know you don't have to just bronze shoes?
You can bronze almost anything
 the idea of bronzing a baseball or 
 a football
If you don't like the bronze patina
 there are many other options including
 gold, silver, pewter
 even porcelain
These bronze baby shoes were our
 Son and our Daughter's
 very first walking shoes
I aged them by polishing them with lemon juice
which took off part of the shine
You may ask why we only had one shoe bronzed
I lost one of the shoes for our son
{how it disappeared is still a mystery}
 so we just did one for each of them
Can you guess which shoe belonged to our daughter and which one belonged to our son?
I recently found these bronzed baby shoe bookends
It is fun to imagine who they once belonged too
They are so cute
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romantic saying for today
 "I prize thy Love more than whole mines of Gold"
Anne Bradstreet



Vintage Blankets

Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
Vintage blankets and bedspreads 
We use all of our vintage treasures
 Both of these  vintage blankets
have traveled from room to room in our
~ Home~
From picnics to slumber parties even as a tablecloth in a pinch
The colors are soft and a great way to add a pop of color to a white filled room
Vintage textiles have colors that are
 muted and beautiful 
They have the softness and beauty that comes
 from years of being used and adored
This is the vintage blanket that was on our sons bed
when he was younger
 the red and gray blue
 and the soldiers all in a row
This blanket was the one he 
and I would cuddle in for  his nap time
{I miss that}
This vintage blanket is another treasure
 we have used  and 
it has been on our boat as a bedspread 
and has even been a tent in the living room for sleep overs
It is very large

These Vintage blankets have a theme  that make decorating with them so much fun
Don't be afraid to buy vintage blankets
They were made to last forever
The more you wash them the softer they are
  they help to add  charm and warmth to any
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romantic saying for today
"You cannot do kindness too soon"
Ralph Waldo Emerson



White Tree Seat

Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
This fabulous vintage  wrought iron tree seat
 sits in our circle drive way 
it is wrapped around a pretty blue Jacaranda tree
Its funny how much we use this seat 
When I found it I was at a garage sale 
My heart skipped a beat I knew exactly where I was going to put the seat I could see it sitting around the tree in the drive way
 but I was told  the bench was already
the lady was coming back to pick it up
{ it is very heavy}
I gave the seller my number for some reason
 just in case the lady did not show up?
So I came home and looked online for a tree seat to put around the tree 
 This  white wooden tree seat from amazon.com
was pretty

This one from  Living Quarters  was beautiful
I imagined it painted white

Then magically I got a call
the lady who was going to pick up the seat
changed her mind
 I was in the car so fast
It is the perfect combination of vintage white and rust

it was meant to be here
I have learned to leave my number just in case  
Has this ever happened to you

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romantic saying for today
"Loving you is such great fortune like breathing a rare sweet fragrance"



Spring in the garden

Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday
 to garden and grow food we can pick and eat for dinner
Last year we had a bumper crop of artichokes 
{My husbands favorite}
This years crop has already blessed us
 We also have tomatoes and strawberries
 in  bloom
 This morning the weather is glorious 
I am grateful the bunnies are still in the backyard eating the grass
 not in the front garden eating the new
 strawberry and tomato buds
 I did spot a little bunny 
 watching me this morning

 The tomatoes were planted from seed
so far they are doing well
 going from greenhouse to garden we have lost a few in the past
 but they seem hardy and
 there are  already several yellow buds
 There is nothing like a fresh picked juicy tomato from the garden for our summer salads
Artichokes are   so delicious
I never had an artichoke until I was dating my husband 
 it was so fun to share one with him on our dates 
 we still 
to share them with each other
 here is the recipe we use for our fresh cut artichokes
 Cover the artichokes with water and the ingredients below  bring to a boil lower heat and simmer covered for 45 minutes
 2 tablespoons Italian salad dressing
 a bay leaf 
juice from one lemon
so easy

It is going to be another summer filled
with delicious fresh food from the garden

romantic saying for today
"From the seed of this day let our love grow as the tree grows
  reaching down to build strong roots"



Living Your Dream

Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday

Are you living your Dream
A dear blog friend is
Amy from Maison Decor
Amy is extremely hardworking and
and super Talented 
She has just signed a lease on her dream "opening up a store"
 the drawing she did of her shop above
Amy is taking us all with her on her journey

Congratulations Amy !!!!!
So excited and happy for you
Please visit her blog Maison Decor and join in the adventure
Debi is another super talented friend 
who is also Living her dream
Debi  owns a fabulous shop in
Solana Beach called
Vintage Home formerly known as Out of the Blue
Debi's dream is to be on a design show, she has come close a few times
Here is her audition tape for a 
new  HGTV design show called the  
White Box Challenge
Debi is  very hardworking and super talented
Debi wrote, directed, starred, filmed and even edited her own audition tape
I told you she is talented
 Congratulations Debi !!!
 your audition tape

I admire both of these women for their vision, passion , hard  work
and dedication to make their dreams come true
If you were to live your dream what would it be?

romantic saying for today
"Love taught me to believe in happily ever after"



Vintage Wedding Cake server

Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
This beautiful vintage cake server
 has quite a romantic reputation
 It has now  helped to cut the
 Wedding cake
 for six fabulous Married couples

It started with my
 Parents Wedding
then our Wedding
 after we were married I offered the use of the cake server to my
college room mate, then a cousin used the server
Word  seemed to spread quickly 
so last weekend when our  friends got Married
 you guessed it
 they used the vintage cake server too
  Can't wait to show you all her adorable Wedding details
 I promised the Bride not to show y'all the pictures until I show them to her first
 so when they return from their honeymoon
 I will get the green light 
So romantic that now six wonderful couples have used this cake server
on  their Wedding day

 Vintage and heirloom treasures 
and the story they tell
and this story is still being written.....
romantic saying for today

"My Favorite thing about today is You"


Vintage white porcelain

Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday

 Here are a few vintage white porcelain
pieces we found to put in our
 new almost finished guest bathroom
This vintage light fixture is the perfect scale for the bathroom
the little pull  down handle
and did you notice the outlet underneath for
a two prong cord
It is important to think of the location of the lighting in a bathroom
and to make sure it is functional
We always rewire all our vintage lights 
Now that we have this light fixture and the overhead lighting we are one step closer to completion
Cant wait for the big guest bathroom reveal
It is turning out very vintage white

This is the inspiration picture we have
 used from House Beautiful magazine

 This light fixture was cutting edge for its time
this was before hair dryers and straighteners
  A few vintage porcelain faucet handles
Now the fun begins
Putting all the vintage details together 
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romantic saying for today
"Do not forget to look at each other often as though it were the first or last time"
 Corrine De Winter



Colors of Spring

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday
Don't you just
these beautiful colors of Spring
Yellow and pink, purple and white, green and lavender
to name a few
It is that wonderful time of year when it is a joy
 to bring the outside inside with
 beautiful garden flowers
Like This pink and lavender
garden grown hydrangea 

And these adorable tiny  pansy blossoms here 
in a vintage German pansy ring
it is the perfect way to display each
 beautiful masterpiece of nature
so small and bursting with
Springs beauty
~Happy Spring~
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romantic saying for today
"Your happiness is my joy"